Translation of upset price in Spanish:

upset price

precio mínimo, n.


US, Scottish
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    (fijado para un lote en una subasta) precio mínimo masculine
    • Usually, they end up not with the house of their dreams, as it sold for 40% over the upset price within days, but the house that will do, and even then they have to throw everything they have into the pot.
    • I don't know whether our city planning development department was merely generous with its upset price or whether the department underestimated the property boom.
    • The offer exceeded the upset price of £50 000 and acceptance is subject to no objections to proposals for erection of a garage on the site.
    • It was marketed in 2002 with an upset price of £950,000.
    • There has already been a lot of interest in the house - days after being marketed a closing date was set, so despite its modest upset price, you can expect plenty of competition.
    • Rod Christie, the agent, already has 57 viewings booked and believes that the house will significantly exceed the upset price.
    • Buy this for anything like the upset price, and you will be picking up a bargain.
    • Once complete, a house such as this could be worth double the current upset price.
    • The £249,000 upset price also includes a host of Victorian features, with cornices, panelling and high ceilings, all furnished in a ‘potently romantic’ style with open fires and ‘lavish window treatments’.
    • House prices in the town have been buoyant in recent times and this upset price appears conservative.