Translation of uptake in Spanish:


respuesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəpˌteɪk/ /ˈʌpteɪk/

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    respuesta feminine
    the uptake for the course has been disappointing el interés expresado en el curso ha sido decepcionante
    • The Public Health Minister said the vaccine remained the best form of protection against measles, mumps and rubella and most recent information suggested uptake was on the increase.
    • He welcomed the recent improved uptake in the MMR vaccine, which currently stands at around 77% of the target population.
    • In recent years uptake of the vaccination has decreased following claims it is linked to autism.
    • It also says that free school meal uptake at primary school level is 17.9%, but nearly 22% of children are eligible.
    • Meanwhile, it has been revealed that there has only been a 40% uptake in usage of the brown bin which was introduced for organic waste last autumn.
    • The best methods for preventing uptake of smoking by young people have yet to be discovered, and broad based prevention programmes that tackle the many factors involved in this have been advocated.
    • It might be these characteristics that provide a kind of resistance to uptake of smoking.
    • This programme was designed to increase the rate of adults stopping smoking, reduce smoking uptake by teenagers, and reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
    • There has been a 76% uptake rate where screening is available and Mr O'Brien said he expects even higher rates in the south and west due to huge demand.
    • Family doctors and health visitors are working closely with parents in those areas where uptake is below average to try to further improve levels.
    • Although the low uptake of health services has been seen as a measure of health, it has been reported that delays seeing a doctor are due to ‘cultural reasons’ and employment patterns in Orkney.
    • The uptake peaked at 79% last year, as parents reacted to an epidemic in 2000 which claimed the lives of three children in the Dublin area.
    • Services currently cost between 25 and 40 a month and uptake remains slow nationally.
    • The Minister said that both schemes had been very successful and that uptake had far exceeded all expectations which necessitated a doubling of the funding originally provided.
    • Mr Crowley was disappointed with the poor uptake so far and said yesterday's meeting with unions aimed to make it clear that the redundancy offer would not be available indefinitely.
    • All we want is our fair share and for something to be done about our high unemployment rate, our low uptake of third level education and the small number of knowledge-based jobs in the region.
    • This is evident by the slow uptake in the scheme, with only 2,000 approvals issued for grant aid since the scheme was first introduced in February 2001.
    • Unless vaccine uptake improves rapidly, major measles epidemics are likely in the UK this winter.
    • The final result would be that investment needed to allow better management of the farm would be carried out to the benefit of all and would lead to a considerable increase in uptake of the schemes.
    • A spokesman for the Scottish Executive said that early uptake had been encouraging and the scheme would help tackle ‘real animal welfare issues’.