Translation of uptime in Spanish:


tiempo de funcionamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəpˌtaɪm/ /ˈʌptʌɪm/


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    tiempo de funcionamiento masculine
    • The Internet has created the need for digital data access, server uptime, data protection and, when required, data recovery.
    • Modules can be added while the library stays online, with minimal impact on operations providing maximum uptime.
    • The uptime for the play machines has not been great, because they need to be monitored continually.
    • There's easy access to the system's uptime, last login, date and time.
    • Here, the IT staff presents the business managers with a range of options and associated prices for levels of uptime, recovery time, and application response time.
    • The type of disk chosen depends upon system requirements such as uptime, operating life and other features.
    • This allows for 100% uptime, even while services are modified.
    • Consolidation projects strive to increase business uptime while reducing the considerable cost of high availability.
    • In most instances, cable modems give you great speed and fantastic uptime.
    • Our main goals were to improve uptime and understand the causes for downtime.
    • The rapid acceptance of e-commerce is increasing the level of availability required for Internet infrastructures to obtain optimal uptime.
    • Keeping your business' data on-line and accessible is the foundation of overall system uptime.
    • Everyone thinks they have a handle on machine uptime and true production time, but only those who measure and track such numbers truly know.
    • Page load speed is a critical factor, in some cases even more important than uptime.
    • Given the distance to town and parts, machine maintenance and uptime are key.
    • Customers want a robust infrastructure with 100 percent uptime and global coverage.
    • This immediate access to important background information proactively ensures maximum uptime for the library.
    • In hindsight, the new server has had over 150-days of uptime prior to the launch on October 1st, and we haven't had a single problem yet.
    • The capability to manage and monitor systems remotely from anywhere in the world increases efficiency, improves uptime, and reduces costs.
    • This translates into faster service and more uptime.