Translation of uptown in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌəpˈtaʊn/ /ˈʌptaʊn/


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    que va hacia el distrito residencial (de la ciudad)
    • The whole crew was in an uptown bar, talking quietly.
    • We have tracked down some of the more prominent residents in the uptown apartment building that had the nine-foot-wide nest of a red-tailed hawk removed the other day.
    • The most common dog in Japan is making its way to the United States, taking up residence in uptown penthouses and becoming a fashion statement for the hip crowd in Greenwich Village or Chelsea.
    • The study will inevitably provide the research basis upon which all such development decisions are made by the City of Waterloo for proposed uptown initiatives in the coming years.
    • At the end of the letter it said to meet again at another restaurant in the uptown area the next day at noon.
    • Business owners are also being allowed back into New Orleans' uptown district, French Quarter and central business district, though curfews apply and travel between zip codes is prohibited.
    • Most students share the opinion that uptown Waterloo is the preferred location for shopping, entertainment and alcoholic consumption, as opposed to downtown Kitchener.
    • I found myself wandering, freezing cold, on the streets of uptown Waterloo, loudly having a discussion about the theoretical persona of a student.
    • Along with recommendations related to the uptown region and urban sprawl, the height and density study provided a set of recommendations on student housing.
    • Ten blocks south of the heart of the peace march, protesters streamed through the Union Square subway station toward an uptown train.
    • Meanwhile, the uptown communities are hashing out their agendas.
    • She is Sarah, the uptown girl and apple of her protective father's eye.
    • They refuse to take passengers any further uptown and into Harlem.
    • She looks very uptown New York - petite in an ivory cashmere sweater, floppy grey pants and black slip-ons, chestnut hair tied back.
    • The rally will be followed by a march to uptown Waterloo.
    • I was uptown again this weekend, the sudden drop in temperature giving notice that Central Park's autumn colours would soon disappear.
    • She'd lost the gift of seeing the uptown world as an outsider - she was seeing it as its inhabitants did, more or less.
    • I was traveling on bus in uptown Manhattan, when I spotted this object of my desire, so I got off and went straight to the shop.
    • At dusk, the giant uptown oaks - with the Spanish moss waving in the wind - looked spooky but reassuring.
    • He's in the New York Presbyterian Hospital that is uptown on the upper west side called the Columbia.


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    they live/went uptown viven en/fueron hacia el norte/hacia el distrito residencial de la ciudad