Translation of upward in Spanish:


hacia arriba, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəpwərd/ /ˈʌpwəd/


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    (pressure/direction) hacia arriba
    (movement/spiral) ascendente
    (tendency) al alza
    the long upward climb el largo ascenso
    • The upward trend in lone parenthood has most affected the level of benefit receipt and costs.
    • It looks like it wasn't actually an upward trend and that we're still remaining pretty stable.
    • With the real estate market growing by leaps and bounds, the upward trend of land rates will not change.
    • This price series was the key factor behind the upward revisions to the growth rate of the overall index.
    • As in the Eastern Region the upward trend in the number of young women taking drugs was also confirmed.
    • The figures should reflect benefits from an upward trend in milk prices due to the weakness of sterling against the euro.
    • The recent upward trend of body piercing has become a large part of the teenage fashion scene.
    • There has been an upward trend over the past few years in the number of people worshipping at the cathedral.
    • However, this upward trend does not mean that the weather will be constantly improving.
    • Margins may, however, get squeezed over time by the upward trend in the price of oil.
    • But the number of houses for sale remains relatively low, putting upward pressure on prices.
    • The overall fertility rate also took an upward turn, taking us back nearly to replacement level.
    • The main concern is with the vertical upward forces which act on the plant, producing an uprooting tendency.
    • The art market is extremely volatile, but fortunately for us artists it is an upward volatility!
    • The conditions are in place for upward momentum from here but the market has not embraced this view, yet.
    • Mr Dennehy says this reflects a dramatic upward spiral in the number of assaults on prison officers.
    • Think of cycling 100 miles on a slight upward incline compared with the same distance on a perfectly flat road.
    • There may be upward spikes now and then, but oil mostly just gets cheaper and cheaper.
    • If there is a downward pull, then there must be an upward pull to balance it: that is levitation.
    • Drought conditions across Europe are having an upward pressure on grain price.


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    (climb/look) hacia arriba
    face upward boca arriba
    • everyone from 60 upward todas las personas de 60 años para arriba / de 60 años o más
    • upward of 30 years/$100 más de 30 años/100 dólares
    • we had to revise our estimate upward tuvimos que revisar nuestro presupuesto al alza
    • To her it felt like swimming upwards towards the surface of the sea before breaking it.
    • They were young men starting to make their names in the game but he is the man who has helped them move upwards.
    • Your home can be endlessly improved, or you can move ever upwards to more expensive houses.
    • That is, near the bottom and moving upwards, rather than floating down from the top.
    • Hysteria was at one time thought to be caused by the womb moving upwards due to the influence of malign humours.
    • If the patient was moved upwards it was done by pulling the sheet and the body moved as a unit.
    • My arms went to the floor and pushed down in an attempt to move my body upwards.
    • Hanna and I find a big flat rock to lie back on and stare upwards at the dark sheet splattered with silver glitter.
    • One knife had slashed his side, penetrating upwards through the muscle and entering the lung.
    • A flock of birds, startled by the light, exploded upwards from the grass next to the hospital.
    • I stared upwards into the gloom and could make out the outline of a face, with two eyes staring straight at me.
    • He had to tilt his head upwards to see clearly and was thus unable to work for more than a few hours at a stretch.
    • The road curves gently upwards, giving increasingly inspiring views as it does.
    • Looking upwards in New York used to be a sure sign that you were a tourist.
    • Here, a cold current fed from the Atlantic is forced upwards as it hits a massive sub-sea ridge.
    • Most of the force of the blast was pushed upwards and debris was still flying down after several minutes.
    • The air sparkled with crystals of ice and our breath hung in clouds as we climbed steadily upwards.
    • I am overcome with vertigo and panic and feel frozen, yet forced to continue upwards.
    • The clouds lit up pink from below in all directions, the road was wet and reflected pink upwards.
    • It is also expected to suggest the use of hoods on the sides of street lamps to stop the light going upwards.