Translation of use in Spanish:


usar, v.

Pronunciation /juz/ /juːz/

Definition of usar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(for task, purpose)

      to use sth to + inf usar / utilizar algo para + inf

      • use a knife to open it
      • use your shoe to knock the nail in
      • I use the bones to make soup
      • what's this used for?
      • I use the bike for getting around town
      to use sth as sth usar algo de / como algo

      • we used an old sheet as a curtain
      are you using the scissors? ¿estás usando las tijeras?
      • this camera is easy to use esta cámara es muy fácil de usar / es de fácil manejo
      • the bed/skirt has hardly been used la cama/falda está casi sin usar
      • don't use bad language no digas palabrotas
      • to use drugs consumir drogas
      • a technique used in this treatment una técnica que se emplea / se utiliza / se usa en este tratamiento
      • we use first names in the office en la oficina nos llamamos por el nombre / nos tuteamos
      • use your head/imagination usa la cabeza/la imaginación
      • she could use her free time to better purpose podría aprovechar mejor su tiempo libre
      • they've taken on more staff than they can use han contratado a más gente de la que necesitan
      • Write a poem using key words in the story and read it out to others.
      • This is achieved by using a layer of coloured glass in the inside and etching over the outer frosted surface.
      • As an employer who uses the English language as a key tool, it is somewhat irritating to have to give basic lessons in English grammar to school leavers.
      • The association has employed a gardener who uses water from the park's borewell.
      • While each robot uses different technology to employ similar ends, all are maintenance free.
      • Brown works with a tiny brush and uses it to achieve minute detail in the manner of Salvador Dali.
      • Indeed, this train will accomplish its journey using satellite navigation technology.
      • It is mainly accomplished by using text in the same color as the background color of the page.
      • Elegantly curved walls can be achieved using wedge shaped blocks with an internal curve.
      • They would fly a few feet over the drop zone and then deploy the cargo using a small drogue parachute.
      • This way, quality and output quantity can still be achieved using manual techniques.
      • In that respect, we have come from a culture that has never had to use the law to achieve integrity.
      • How could it use economic incentives to achieve this cut, and what might be the outcomes?
      • Although the same men are employed using the same tools, the business is different.
      • In reviewing past research, the current paper uses the terms employed by the original authors.
      • The technology employed uses a wireless network with the signal hopping from building to building.
      • He had only a minimal understanding of my language apparently and so we would have to use simple terms.
      • Limiting the grass intake can be accomplished by using a grazing mask or muzzle or by restricting the area available for grazing.
      • He said there was no justification in using the land for employment as it would simply replace jobs in the city centre.
      • I was able to sneak away for a little while to watch a team of men assembling an ox-plow and yoke using simple hand tools.

    • 1.2(avail oneself of)

      (service) utilizar
      (service) usar
      (service) hacer uso de
      only members may use the facilities solo los socios pueden hacer uso de las instalaciones
      • to use one's influence usar su (or mi etc.) influencia
      • may I use your phone? ¿puedo hacer una llamada / llamar por teléfono?
      • may I use your toilet? ¿puedo pasar / ir al baño?

  • 2informal

    (do with)
    I could use a drink/the money no me vendría mal un trago/el dinero
    • we can use all the luck we can get vamos a necesitar toda la suerte del mundo
    • The putting green is the only area where you could use a little bit more time.
  • 3

    (food/fuel) consumir
    (food/fuel) usar
    (money) gastar
    this heater uses a lot of electricity este calentador consume mucha electricidad
    • use by Feb 3 2009 fecha de caducidad: 3 feb 2009
    • With budgets tight, many in the force see this as the most efficient way of using limited resources.
    • Second, think laterally about new ways of using limited resources.
    • The team's research shows no other reported chip uses a lower amount of energy consumed per decoded information bit.
    • Space heating uses the largest amount of energy, so actions that reduce home heating requirements will have the greatest impact.
    • It's only a small amount that is used as a fertilizer, that is fertilizer grade.
    • Apart from a tiny amount which was used on business, all the rest was spent on buying a house and car and on himself.
    • Air travel uses large amounts of fossil fuel, which are then turned to greenhouse gases, released at high altitude.
    • For example, use small amounts of unsaturated oils, like olive oil or sunflower oil.
    • They are on all the time and use a colossal amount of electricity and overheat.
    • Capable of using large amounts of data, without having to be carried over a shoulder or being recharged more than once a day.
    • At home they had only let him take freezing cold baths and use a small amount of soap.
    • A meter will monitor the amount of water used from the existing water supply at the location.
    • This amount was to be used over the five year period to which the naming rights applied.
    • The chemical industry is also the industry that uses the greatest amount of energy.
    • It was a recipe in which each of the ingredients were stated to be used in amounts within the specified ranges.
    • Nearly all the lighting uses efficient fluorescent bulbs, and walls are insulated and windows double-glazed.
    • In May I suddenly started receiving electricity bills out of proportion to the amount I had used.
    • Fill the tank again, note the amount of litres taken and divide the number of miles driven by the amount of fuel used.
    • You will probably be able to save about a third of the amount of water used in bathing.
    • The advantage is that it uses much less energy than the distillation process.
  • 4derogatory

    (manipulate, exploit)
    usar Latin America
    I felt I'd been used me sentí utilizado
    • These artists are trying to shock us, exploit us, use us for their next pay cheque.
    • The audience is made to feel sorry for her as she is used by these pathetic men.
    • While she uses her own family, she sees their situation and her emotions as universal.
    • Not that she talked about him in there - he didn't need the publicity, and she didn't want people to think she was using him.
    • Her friends saw her as using him for his money really as they thought she never really loved him and saw him as a short term investment.
    • She says he lied about his sexual orientation, and was just using her to get cash and a green card.
    • Cat said she stayed with him for two more months, even though it was obvious he was using her.
    • Adam had used me and treated me shabbily for four years so it would do him good to get a little of his own medicine.
    • It was put to him that he was really using his daughters and treating them as objects.
    • If it turned out she was using me, then she probably wasn't a friend in the first place.
    • However much he might try to spin it the other way, he's not acting as a conduit for our wishes, but merely using us to support his own.
    • The pity and gratitude disappeared as soon as I came to know he was just using me.
    • I bugged him about that last night, that he was just using me and my place for killing time.
    • He worried I might be using him as a bargaining tool but I showed that wasn't the case.

modal verb

  • 1

    to be used to sth/-ing estar acostumbrado a algo/+ inf
    to get used to sth/-ing acostumbrarse a algo/+ inf
  • 2

    (indicating former state, habit)
    used to (+ inf)
  • 3

    I didn't use to visit them very often no solía visitarlos muy a menudo
    • where did you use to live? ¿dónde vivías?


  • 1

    (of machine, substance, method, word)
    uso masculine
    empleo masculine
    utilización feminine
    wash out the syringe before and after use lave la jeringa antes y después de su uso
    • the new airstrip is ready for use la nueva pista de aterrizaje ya está lista / ya puede usarse
    • Haydn's use of the oboe in his symphonies la manera en que Haydn hace uso del oboe en sus sinfonías
    • her suitcase had seen a lot of use tenía una maleta muy usada
    • the steps were worn down by centuries of use siglos de uso habían desgastado los escalones
    • instructions for use instrucciones
    • I keep it for use in emergencies lo tengo para usarlo en caso de emergencia
    • drug use el consumo de drogas
    • the use of force el empleo / uso de la fuerza
    • to lose the use of an arm/eye perder el uso de un brazo/la visión de un ojo
    • to be in use estar funcionando / en funcionamiento
    • the elevator is in constant use el ascensor se usa constantemente
    • the machine was out of use all last week la máquina no funcionó durante toda la semana pasada
    • he put the present to very bad use le dio muy mal uso al regalo
    • Three methods of screening of vehicles are in use for security purposes.
    • The list goes on to include a large number of words no longer actually in use, which leaves you wondering why they are there.
    • The building itself was built in 1607 as a private residence, but it was in use as an inn by 1775.
    • The satellite phone in the apartment had been in use almost constantly.
    • In addition, it may be possible to recycle some security devices no longer in use.
    • This would include sharing masts that are currently in use by other phone companies.
    • Court staff were also warned to be on their guard and instructed to ensure court rooms were locked at all time when not in use.
    • It is estimated there are around two million computers in use in Scotland.
    • The upstairs gym is being relocated, but the downstairs gym is still in use.
    • It remained in use until 18 months ago when a dangerous structures notice was served on it.
    • Another steam car proved to be more satisfactory and was approved for use alongside horse power.
    • For most of today's great powers, the use of force would jeopardise their economic objectives.
    • He urged the police to increase the use of their stop-and-search powers to cut down on youth knife crime.
    • In a society ruled by law, the use of public power should be authorized and permitted by laws.
    • What was the use of all this power they were entitled to if, when they needed it most, it could not help.
    • Now that issues such as climate change and the use of nuclear power are coming to the fore have your opinions changed?
    • The use of the word literature was intended to send the message that this is about writing a book.
    • Much of the power of the Church was based on its ability to enforce the use of Latin as the language of worship.
    • New groups of elite can gain access to power through the use of elections.
    • What is less obvious in this sort of reportage is its selectivity or the use of leading questions.
  • 2

    (application, function)
    uso masculine
    the machine has many uses la máquina tiene muchos usos
    • she has her uses para algo sirve
    • I might find a use for them puede que me sirvan para algo
    • A spin-off is a technology that has been transferred to uses other than the purpose for which it was developed.
    • We're not talking about latent powers that you can develop over a period of time, for other purposes or other uses.
    • The Northern Rivers Herb Festival is gearing up to be another huge event for Lismore with a major focus this year on culinary uses of local native herbs.
    • It is a popular summer fruit with many culinary uses.
    • This vegetable has a similar taste to celery and, as well as having a range of culinary uses, is quite easy to grow.
    • Juniper was a native conifer that thrived in the highlands of Scotland with a multitude of culinary and medicinal uses.
    • Cooks classify tomatoes and other garden produce by their culinary uses; by that criterion, a tomato is a vegetable.
    • It has many other culinary uses: it can be added to mince for a different-tasting shepherd's pie.
    • This herb has been around for centuries, and is highly valued for both its medicinal and culinary uses.
    • First of all, for medical purposes, Cannabis has uses.
    • The creatures were to be sent to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, China and other south Asian countries where they are in great demand for medicinal uses.
    • Chairman of the panel told members the scheme would help to pave the way for more efficient uses of fuel in the 21st century.
    • Of aloe vera's many uses, most probably the best known is in the treatment of burns.
    • They are also concerned about secondary uses of their data, particularly for marketing and insurance purposes.
    • A writer or publisher could take a tough stance on copyright, requiring all uses of the work to involve permission and fees.
    • These uses did not include efficiency and effectiveness measures, which became prevalent after the move inland.
    • Overall, the median number of efficient and safe uses per device was 10.
    • But seminaries first have to determine appropriate educational uses of new technologies.
    • Even at the current premium price of titanium, many items for civilian and military uses are justifiable in titanium.
    • These energies form the core of traditional Chinese theory, which determines an herb's uses and effects.
  • 3

    a (fat) lot of use you are! ¡vaya manera de ayudar la tuya! ironic
    • it's no use es inútil
    • it's no use complaining de nada sirve quejarse
    • what's the use? he'll only say no! ¿para qué? ¿para que me diga que no?
  • 4

    (right to use)
    to have the use of sb's car/office poder usar el coche/la oficina de algn
    • she offered me the use of her house while she was away me ofreció su casa mientras estaba fuera
  • 5

    • 5.1literary (custom)

      uso masculine literary

    • 5.2Religion

      rito masculine