Translation of useful in Spanish:


útil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjusfəl/ /ˈjuːsfʊl/ /ˈjuːsf(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (invention/tool/advice/information) útil
    (experience) útil
    (experience) provechoso
    a useful life of 12 months una vida útil de 12 meses
    • that's a useful thing to know viene bien / es útil saberlo
    • he's a useful member of the team es un valioso miembro del equipo
    • she's been very useful to us nos ha sido muy útil
    • he's a useful man to know puede resultar útil conocerlo
    • to lead a useful life llevar una vida provechosa
    • socially useful products productos de utilidad social
    • to come in useful ser útil
    • my degree finally came in useful el título al final me fue útil / me sirvió de algo
    • It means the building is going to be cared for and used and will serve a useful purpose for the community.
    • At least it felt like I was doing a proper job and something with a useful purpose.
    • The flight served no useful purpose at all: there was no need or compulsion to join it.
    • See, that old webcam you've got stuffed away in a box really can be useful after all.
    • They were also able to gather useful data from the tyre pressure monitoring system.
    • We think this is a useful service and we hope you like it too but it is only fair that we tell you how this is done.
    • It would have been useful to examine whether advice and money had changed practice.
    • This time we were able to persuade her that this was not a useful tactic and to amend the behaviour.
    • It does appear that she is capable of providing a useful service to her clients.
    • If he has picked up one, it would have been the most useful thing he has done all year.
    • There may be features not covered here that you would find useful in your own work, so try to explore it.
    • I spoke to her after the forum to get her sense of how useful she thought the day had been.
    • The answer may lie in some useful precedents going even as far back as the genesis of modern Israel.
    • As a book it has useful anecdotes, but is otherwise nothing to get excited about.
    • Here teenage boys and girls who dropped out after primary school learn useful skills.
    • How useful is it to tell overweight people or gamblers that they have a disease?
    • He said it was a useful and constructive meeting following on from the previous meeting.
    • The new powers given to magistrates to deduct fines from wages and benefits are a useful tool.
    • Many people use too much salt in their cooking, and it is useful for them to know why this is bad for your heart.
    • So many useful shops disappear, to be replaced by a retail outlet that is not welcomed by many of us.
  • 2

    (player/sprinter) bueno
    he's quite useful with his fists/a gun sabe usar los puños/la pistola
    • He is a healthy sceptic to much paranormal activity, and would be a useful expert to have.