Translation of useless in Spanish:


inútil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjusləs/ /ˈjuːsləs/


  • 1

    (object/tool/person) inútil
    these scissors are useless estas tijeras no sirven para nada
    • Anything that's not functioning in accordance with its purpose is useless.
    • Once the documents were released and proved to be useless for that purpose, the issue was dropped.
    • I wrote a while ago that there is no such thing as useless knowledge.
    • Now, for some odd and unexplained reason, she is starting to teach me useless bits of knowledge.
    • I nodded fervently, thinking to myself how useless the knowledge was for an event like this, and smiled.
    • I performed a parody of running as I struggled to escape with my useless left ankle.
    • I have to confess that I consider cricket to be the most useless, pointless sport in the entire world.
    • However the day was almost marred by pointless and useless vandalism to one of the train carriage windows.
    • She hated these lessons most of all, they just seemed utterly useless and pointless.
    • I packed quickly, not expecting her to return for another round of useless discussion, but not willing to take the chance.
    • This book is intended as a treasure trove of useless information.
    • I tossed the useless tent stake aside and stood up, wiping the sweat off my face.
    • If a phone is stolen, the mobile phone operator can use the number to turn off the phone, rendering it useless to the thief.
    • What you might consider useless might be quite useful for the auction.
    • The books at either end of this spectrum tend to be useless.
    • Over the years I've gotten adept at traveling with a lot of useless stuff.
    • Bag after black plastic bag got filled with old, useless paper.
    • Behaving in such a way is pretty juvenile and, when there's no-one around, frankly useless.
    • Of course I spent my earnings on useless, frivolous designer items.
    • Unfortunately, the figures are useless and show nothing either way, whether this figure is bad or not.
    • At school she shone at English, but was pretty useless at everything else - her words, not mine.
    • Except I'm useless with mobile phones - I can never remember to charge them up.
    • I am, quite seriously, one of the most fiscally useless people you'll ever meet.
    • I was quite useless at talking to people I didn't already know as well as I believed I was beginning to know Hugo.
    • It is impossible to single out culprits, they were all useless.
    • And even though we're shamefully useless at this game, we're inclined to agree.
    • I'm excellent at drawing, but I'm useless with a blank piece of paper unless I have something to copy.
    • He was also useless at games and an unwilling participant in the social cut and thrust of Cardiff High School.
    • In that sense, it's not worth having him as leader at all, because he's politically useless.
    • Which explains why I was always useless at any sport involving a ball at school.
    • Dolly's a wonderful hunter but she's absolutely useless when it comes to the kill.
    • In any case I bet the management would do nothing since they are completely useless and don't care.
    • But when it was netball or tennis, I hated physical education because I was pretty useless at those sports.
    • How many movies have you seen about a team of useless sportsmen that is groomed into shape by the charismatic charm of the lead actor?
    • He was useless with a sword, missed his targets in archery, fell off his horse as soon as he got on, and in general hated fighting.
    • The vote doesn't just reflect the actions of a few useless officials.
    • He was completely useless, of course, and consistently held the team back with his inept displays.
    • I would just like to point out that I am useless at crossing roads - I have no common sense at all.
    • It's frenetic games which I am useless at, but these two are tempered and calm.
    • It was only when we began a practice match that we discovered he was useless.
  • 2

    it would be useless sería inútil
    • it's useless having one if you don't use it de nada sirve / no sirve de nada tener uno si no lo usas
  • 3informal

    (not capable)
    (person) inútil
    (person) negado informal
    to be useless at sth/-inginformal ser negado para algo/ + inf