Translation of usufruct in Spanish:


usufructo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjuzəˌfrəkt/ /ˈjusəˌfrəkt/ /ˈjuːzjʊfrʌkt/

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    usufructo masculine
    • It is widely recognized that agriculture, wherein crops can grow again and no serious effect is made on the soil or the land, is an appropriate usage of the right of usufruct.
    • In men's wills, usufruct on the husband's property is left to widows under condition that they give up their right to dowry and extradotal goods in favour of offspring.
    • Landowners do not own groundwater as owner of the land, they just have a right to the usufruct of the water and not the water itself.
    • According to her husband's testament, the lady was returned her dowry and was given the usufruct of her husband's landed property.
    • This surrender took place in order to obtain the protection of the lord or to gain the usufruct of land.