Translation of utopian in Spanish:


utópico, adj.

Pronunciation /juˈtoʊpiən/ /juːˈtəʊpɪən/


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    • The exhibition features detailed but unrealised designs for futuristic new ways of living and utopian ideals of the perfect living space.
    • These books are an indictment of uncompromising, fanatical, and utopian ideology.
    • Their concern is that utopian aspirations towards a new peaceful world order will simply absolutize conflicts and make them more intractable.
    • Jones also fills the text with knowledgeable references to bee-keeping and the apian colony as utopian ideal.
    • Progressive reform aims to move ahead toward an ideal or utopian future.
    • This alternative to capitalist globalization, of course, sounds very utopian.
    • Whatever else they may have been, they were not utopian social engineers.
    • We had too many utopian ideals force-fed to us to believe that the EU is the answer to all our problems.
    • First and perhaps most important is a resistance to utopian thinking.
    • At that point, science and the transformation of society were necessarily seen in utopian terms.
    • Internationalism is not simply a utopian ideal, but an urgent practical necessity.
    • This time there is no grand strategic vision to work toward, no utopian ideals.
    • Let me emphasise the point that the establishment of such a society is not some kind of utopian dream.
    • A deeply divided political class nourished a range of conflicting and often utopian ideological goals.
    • He was committed to utopian politics which sought to create a human society informed by the highest artistic ideals.
    • As the brutal realities of civil war exploded the idealistic notion of America as a utopian paradise, romantic naturalism lost its allure.
    • In other words, modernity has become critical of modernism and of its own utopian absolutism.
    • No matter how corrupt and depraved it is in practice, the organisation's sunny utopian image endures.
    • Every era has its utopian movements that hold out the promise of social perfectability.
    • It was a time of struggle, but it was also a time of utopian hope.