Translation of V-E Day in Spanish:

V-E Day

Pronunciation /ˌviˈi deɪ/ /ˌviːˈiː deɪ/


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    día de la victoria aliada en Europa en la segunda guerra mundial
    • Her journey was to mark the 60th anniversary of VE day, and her ship's company attended numerous ceremonies commemorating the Allied success.
    • Weeks before the end of the war Mr Martin was given leave and celebrated VE day with the family of his best friend, Stanley, who served in the Navy.
    • At St Catherine's Residential Care Home in Horwich residents rolled back the years with wartime songs to mark VE day.
    • He trained with the division in England, and served with it from Normandy to VE day.
    • Blackburn Cathedral celebrated VE day by hosting a peace concert on Sunday evening.