Traducción de V-shaped en Español:


en forma de V, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈviʃeɪpt/


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    en forma de V
    • Most initial analyses of the tsunami expect there to be a similar v-shaped pattern this time.
    • The cutting tool often used is the V-shaped knife.
    • The outer defences comprise only a V-shaped ditch across the headland.
    • Temporarily store plants in a V-shaped trench mounded with soil.
    • Dig a V-shaped trench in some out-of-the-way spot in your garden.
    • It was attached to the patient's wrist using a needle with a V-shaped connection.
    • True to its name, the neck of this sweater is v-shaped.
    • You survey the weight room and notice a gal doing pressdowns with some funky V-shaped bar.
    • It was obvious the moment we saw it - a V-shaped fissure with a 300-foot waterfall crashing onto boulders.
    • The car spun and landed in a V-shaped ditch, which held the doors shut.
    • Electrical, lighting and sprinkler services are accommodated in V-shaped steel conduits hung down the centre of the vaults.
    • I was wearing a red dress, right down to my ankles, flaring slightly at the knees, with the V-shaped neckline going down quite a bit.
    • One glance at that dramatic V-shaped radiator grille is enough to tell you that this is an Alfa Romeo.
    • Ben uses a horse and a two-handled, V-shaped, walk-behind plow for turning the soil.
    • She was wrecked on Fair Isle, between Orkney and Shetland, where she broke up in a V-shaped cleft, depositing her contents in a deep gully.
    • When the cotton plants are young, V-shaped blades keep weeds at bay.