Translation of vacuum cleaner in Spanish:

vacuum cleaner

aspiradora, n.

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    aspiradora feminine
    • We had no electricity to run a vacuum cleaner and no water.
    • These conditions are so debilitating that she has no energy to dust or use a vacuum cleaner.
    • Make sure you remove all the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner and a tack cloth.
    • The vacuum cleaner is not something that you leave out for guests to see.
    • Dirt trapped in the fibers can be removed with the floor brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.
    • First I swept the floor with a broom I found and got the vacuum cleaner from downstairs.
    • I heave the vacuum cleaner into the small cupboard on the first floor landing.
    • I told her how we never had any problems with our vacuum cleaner for the entire year that she didn't live with us.
    • There was no point battling against the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
    • A vacuum cleaner was jammed against the door to keep the children in.
    • Now it's time to get the vacuum cleaner out just in case some nosey-parker calls round to see what colour your loo is.
    • I will use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any soot on the carpet, though.
    • It is true that the sight of Graham wielding a vacuum cleaner at full speed does have something of the fearful about it.
    • Our vacuum cleaner is left in the middle of the room.
    • She had to suck the water out of the studio using a vacuum cleaner and use fans to try and dry the sodden carpet tiles.
    • Give me the vacuum cleaner and the office carpet will never have looked fresher.
    • She's getting used to the routine, even resigned to the noise of the vacuum cleaner.
    • A plume of acrid smoke rose slowly from what had been a vacuum cleaner only moments before.
    • A student has been left shaken after a faulty vacuum cleaner started a fire in her house.
    • One day in my shop a woman came in to pick up her vacuum cleaner that we'd repaired.