Translation of vagrancy in Spanish:


vagabundeo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈveɪɡrənsi/ /ˈveɪɡr(ə)nsi/

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    vagabundeo masculine
    vagancia feminine
    • The question of the future of the banana industry also earned a place on the list as well as policies to improve life in poor communities in an effort to reduce crime, drugs, prostitution and vagrancy.
    • The report concluded that prison terms for relatively minor offences including vagrancy and larceny destabilised family and spousal relationships, and led to a loss of accommodation and employment.
    • It is apparent that the authorities lack the determination and will power to solve the persistent problem of vagrancy.
    • Famously, he spent a spell as a Highgate Cemetery gravedigger, and was later also deported from Spain for vagrancy while busking in Barcelona.
    • On Thursday, six of the homeless people who were arrested for vagrancy were released.