Traducción de vagrant en Español:


vagabundo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈveɪɡrənt/ /ˈveɪɡr(ə)nt/

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    vagabundo masculino
    vagabunda femenino
    • When Stern bought his first camera in 1948, he wandered around the Bowery in Chinatown, photographing vagrants.
    • I wandered down dirty streets, past vacant looking vagrants, and across a railway line. All was dark and dusty.
    • The brilliant camera work sympathetically follows him from street corners where he shares a dazed smoke with a couple of wrinkled vagrants to a silent pond where his exhausted mind conjures up startling hallucinations.
    • These once-a-year events, where the city's vagrants would move from the warm soup factories in the north to their usual habitat of the Strongbow breweries in the city's south, were the scourge of the middle classes.
    • The advocates' favorite justification for keeping vagrants on the street in plain view was that the shelters were ‘dangerous.’
    • There is no doubt that Port-of-Spain could do with cleaning up; but dealing with the perennial, thorny issue of vagrants is a far larger matter than merely one aspect of beautifying the capital.
    • We did hear reports it had been occupied by vagrants, but no definite report of anyone being inside.
    • In addition to existing handouts, vagrants can choose from a list of new options of receiving free dental care, employment assistance, and substance abuse counseling.
    • Residents said since the murder was discovered, police paramilitaries had been conducting an aggressive campaign to check identities in a search for vagrants, who are the prime suspects.
    • Council chiefs in Doncaster are planning to ‘design out crime’ by sealing off alleyways between houses which have become a haven for criminals, vandals and vagrants.
    • The despair and hopelessness of these unfortunate individuals whom we term vagrants are always in full view, right before our eyes, a constant reminder that our values are not what they should be.
    • The civic space in the middle of the complex, which is utilised mainly by vagrants and is largely untouched by the current redevelopment proposal, would be both ideal and ample for such purpose.
    • There is growing concern among community leaders that drunks and vagrants are causing problems in public places, and volunteers are now carrying out sweeps of the shopping area to weed out troublemakers.
    • Mayors have no moral grounds to complain about good Samaritans who feed vagrants when all else that's available to the homeless are sterile, unattractive environments.
    • In addition to a person to lock the gates, a night watchman has been employed to keep the vagrants from climbing over the fence at night and sleeping on the stalls where food is sold during the day.
    • Under the plans, instead of money being given to vagrants, well-meaning shoppers can put it in yellow collection boxes dotted around the major stores in Swindon.
    • Identifying a clear-cut programme, the National Women's Action Committee announced a campaign to rid the streets of vagrants.
    • Mr O'Donoghue insisted that just a handful of vagrants were causing trouble for people and that he was not insisting that all were creating a menace in the boom city.
    • The number of vagrants also seems to be increasing.
    • When Atlas Bakery permanently turned off the ovens and left the building it became, over the past five years, a favourite spot for vagrants, pigeons and party organisers.