Translation of vainglory in Spanish:


vanagloria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈveɪnˌɡlɔri/ /ˌveɪnˈɡlɔri/ /veɪnˈɡlɔːri/

Definition of vanagloria in Spanish


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    vanagloria feminine
    • Yet the book is a heavy volume of historic narcissism - a magnum opus of upper-class vainglory and scrupulous evasion.
    • At the age of seventeen, brimming with optimism and ruled by vainglory, Victor leaves his native Switzerland to attend college.
    • She was ambitious to the point of vainglory.
    • True revolution is not about glamour, vainglory, or self-promotion.
    • The first stanza reveals a speaker characterized by vainglory and chivalry at one and the same time.