Translation of Valentine's Day in Spanish:

Valentine's Day

el día de San Valentín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvæləntaɪnz/


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    el día de San Valentín
    el día de los enamorados
    • If I don't get to post before V-day, Happy Valentine's Day, sweeties.
    • Valentine's Day, arguably the most overrated and expensive day to romantically woo your partner, may have come and gone.
    • Order now and beat the rush for Valentine's Day: Flowers/Bears/Balloons/Candy, all for the love of your life.
    • Valentine's Day is now less than a week away.
    • A Valentine's Day blind date turned to platinum love for Joan and Reg Grimley who have now celebrated 70 years' marriage.
    • I have told my husband not to buy me overpriced roses or a card for Valentine's day: it is just another way for corporations to squeeze more money out of us.
    • My postman hates Valentine's day!
    • My wedding anniversary and Valentine's day are a week apart, so we just celebrate our anniversary, which means much more to us.
    • I kept thinking of all the great times I had with Rob, our first date, our first kiss, Valentine's Day, birthdays.
    • Did you spend Valentine's Day alone this year?