Translation of validate in Spanish:


dar validez a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvæləˌdeɪt/ /ˈvalɪdeɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1 formal

    (theory/supposition) dar validez a
    (theory/supposition) validar formal
    • No particular behavioral technique has been validated or proven to be superior than others in the substance user.
    • The response level was high for a voluntary question, and validates the accuracy of the resulting analyses.
    • Also important was whether the instruments used for temperature measurement were tested for accuracy to validate the data.
    • Those parts can be used to validate the accuracy of other test results and to explain any abnormal or unexpected results.
    • We could not validate the accuracy of the information recorded in the practice notes in this study.
    • More work is required to validate available methods for estimating field density and moisture conditions for various material types, construction standards and drainage conditions.
    • It is therefore important that researchers both describe their methodology accurately and validate it using independent data.
    • And many of these machines aren't routinely checked for accuracy and haven't been validated.
    • The final grades have all been checked, corrected and validated.
    • Periodic remeasures can validate the effectiveness of the intervention plan.
    • The survey was validated by social scientists and taken seriously because of its rigour.
    • The best method for validating a classification tool would be to randomly allocate prisoners with equivalent levels of assessed risk to different levels of placement security.
    • The stability of DNA when held in a suspension is another important factor in validating the method.
    • Successful completion of calibration verification surveys validates the analytical measurement range.
    • This threshold, however, is still arbitrary and has never been evaluated, let alone validated by appropriate methods.
    • The results also validate previously reported randomised controlled trial data.
    • Our outcome research will not only validate what we intuitively know but will surface areas of needed improvement.
    • Additionally, the statistical significance of these methods has not been rigorously validated using independent, biologically identical samples.
    • The cures cited in this book have not been scientifically validated nor is their use recommended.
    • And, of course, many parts of this new technology still need to be validated in the clinical setting.
  • 2

    (contract/document) validar
    • Read the institutions' prospectuses carefully and note if a course is accredited or validated by a respected professional body.
    • This course is validated by Limpert's Academy, who are the leading body in the world of Interior Design.
    • This new certification body for further education and training in Ireland is now validating courses in all FAS centres.
    • The college is one of about 16 institutions across China offering courses validated by the Glasgow-based exam body.
    • Courses are validated under a national Recognition Scheme run by the Quality Assurance Agency.
    • From now on all courses are validated by the independent agency-The National Qualifications Authority.
    • Spearheading the training courses, validated by the Qualification Curriculum Authority, is Douglas Morgan.
    • Now that their new postgraduate archaeology course has been validated, Orkney College would like to hear from students interested in studying archaeology in Orkney.
    • All of the Institute's programmes are designed to meet the highest standards and all full-time courses are validated.
    • Together with her colleagues, she created a degree course in movement studies validated by London University.
    • It should be made mandatory that all authorities should get their project plan vetted by at least two or three civic bodies that will validate the plan and programme.
    • Today's informed consumers are demanding that the competence of licensed professionals be validated throughout their career.
    • A higher education institute provides courses that are validated by the Higher Education Training and Awards Council.
    • After drafting and validating the declaration, he became a member of the secret congress committee which masterminded the defeat of the British then helped draft the peace treaty.
    • Certification could help these professionals validate their professional credentials gained through experience and training.
    • To be eligible for the assistance, the projects had to be validated and certified by authorized bodies.
    • The institute has strong links with several Czech colleges and supports them in developing and validating courses.
    • The plans, which were drawn up by John F. Santry Architects of Waterford, were validated by council officials last week.
    • At least half of the country's population voted, thereby validating the result.
    • The ballot slips had to be signed to validate the vote but fears were raised in the run up to the election that voters did not understand instructions on the papers.
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    (parking ticket) sellar US
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