Translation of vanity mirror in Spanish:

vanity mirror

espejo de cortesía, n.


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    espejo de cortesía masculine
    • She was sitting in front of her vanity mirror applying make-up when I walked in to the room.
    • She flipped down the vanity mirror to check her makeup.
    • She set her things in the corner, then pulled out a vanity mirror and her make-up bag.
    • I brushed out my hair and left it down, and then applied some lip gloss while looking into my vanity mirror.
    • I wonder if it has a little vanity mirror at the top of the screen to check your makeup.
    • Jessica looked in the vanity mirror and smiled.
    • She studied her reflection in the vanity mirror.
    • Joan had recently picked up the vanity mirror and was playing with the blonde curls that had fallen neatly against her half-clad shoulders.
    • A vanity mirror on the driver's side would be useful to check the blind spot, and my make-up.
    • Her heart was aflutter when she looked at herself in the vanity mirror.
    • I flipped down the sun visor, replaited my French braids in the vanity mirror.
    • I stared into my vanity mirror and a girl that looked close to the brink of insanity stared back.
    • I sighed and stared at the small vanity mirror that hung on the pink tiles in the girls' bathroom.
    • The car has a driver's vanity mirror and a handbag hook.
    • Tying my hair up into a tight ponytail, I looked at myself in the car's vanity mirror one final time before taking a deep breath.
    • Several passengers immediately noted the absence of even a passenger's vanity mirror!