Translation of vape in Spanish:


vapear, v.

Pronunciation /veɪp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (use an electronic cigarette)
    • The ordinance prohibits "vaping" in any location where tobacco smoking is restricted.
    • He used to be a smoker, but vaping helped him quit, and he wants to provide this assistance for others.
    • His concern lies particularly with young people - to whom vaping, with its colourful paraphernalia and tasty flavours, has been shown to appeal.
    • Three years after starting vaping, though still on emphysema medication, Boyd's breathing has improved.
    • Chapman is also concerned that vaping enables smokers to get a nicotine hit in places where they can't smoke.
    • I started 'vaping' purely out of curiosity and haven't smoked a single cigarette since.
    • For Jordan, vaping e-cigarettes means choosing the devil he doesn't know over the devil he does.
    • I'd much rather take the risk and vape than smoke again.
    • Having quit on the advice of his doctor, he now constantly vapes an e-cigarette.
    • I also enjoyed the tip's blue glow when I vaped.
    • Some juices are loaded with nicotine down while others are simply vaped for the flavor, sans nicotine.
    • This was the noisiest e-cig I've vaped.
    • The "smart e-cigarette" is complete with an app so the user can monitor how many times per day they have "vaped" and how much nicotine they have consumed.
    • I used to smoke, now I vape.