Translation of variable in Spanish:


variable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛriəb(ə)l/ /ˈvɛːrɪəb(ə)l/

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    variable winds vientos variables
    • The weather was scattered low clouds, light and variable winds, with thunderstorms in the area.
    • In their quest to achieve good results, competitors faced the challenges of not only the large number of boats, but strong tides and variable wind conditions.
    • On another day, light and variable winds, combined with strong tides, affected competition.
    • The wind was quite variable during the course of the day, with a 20 km easterly tailwind at the start, turning southerly and reducing as the day progressed.
    • The ground level winds were variable, but mostly coming from the north.
    • The variable winds and mild weather last Saturday was perfect for the start of the second round of yacht racing off the shores of Ocean Marina.
    • The isobars are more or less concentric and are widely spaced around the centre of the high and thus, in contrast to depressions, winds are usually light and sometimes rather variable.
    • Winds will be light and variable and the nights will be misty, with fog patches.


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    variable feminine
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    factor masculine
    variable feminine
    • Understand that in college admissions, grades are only one of the many variables that are factored into the selection process.
    • Ball trajectory into a bunker can determine the outcome of a lie in a bunker, and this factor interacts with other variables already mentioned.
    • Indeed, when you factor out variables like having children, the wage gap virtually disappears.
    • First, gender could be such a salient factor that other variables have little influence.
    • Childhood mental ability is a significant factor among the variables that predict age at death.
    • It allowed companies which were relocating to factor in such variables as traffic congestion, staff availability and potential for weather damage.
    • Even a modest house can be full of complexity when constructive and spatial variables overlap with sociological factors.
    • There is almost a nightmare element to the many variables that are coming together at one point in time.
    • I build lots of spreadsheets and factor in a lot of variables.
    • Luck is the one thing clubs can't factor into their timing; the one variable that can throw out the whole plan for success if a key player is put out for the rest of the year.
    • ‘Some no doubt merit a prison sentence, but there are a whole range of significant variables involved,’ he explained.
    • But even in this computerised age, avalanche prediction is an inexact science and that is because of the variables involved.
    • But fire damage was hard to predict, as too many other variables are involved.
    • There are so many other variables involved that it is impossible to know.
    • It is the interaction of these variables and other modifying variables, such as demographics, that allow for the prediction of health behaviors.
    • One of the most important variables is the timing of the beginning of the wet season.
    • The test requires a number of independent observations of the same variable over a period of time.
    • This station recorded standard climatic variables such as temperature, rainfall, daylight hours, etc.
    • Climate-change forecasts… are like financial forecasts but involve a vastly more complex array of variables.
    • There are tons of variables: light fading, extras being available, going into overtime, make-up delays, actors' egos.