Translation of various in Spanish:


varios, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛriəs/ /ˈvɛːrɪəs/


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    • Monday I leave for Boston with a car full of cameras and film of various shapes and sizes.
    • Koi carp found in the UK come in various colours, but are always bright and distinctive.
    • The performances are polished and well adapted to the differing styles of the various works.
    • Further studies are needed to help differentiate between the various possibilities.
    • Each building consists principally of residential apartments of various sizes.
    • Some came with empty oil tanks of various sizes to hoard the fuel as much as possible.
    • There are many mountain ranges throughout the world, all of various ages and sizes.
    • You need to do is work out what might happen under the various different scenarios.
    • We involved women from various parts of the County and from different walks of life.
    • The various antibiotics in each group differ by the nature of one or two side chains.
    • There are various types of eczema, with slightly different causes and symptoms.
    • The term is used in several different ways and can be applied to various art forms.
    • There are also various groups of neurons within the brain stem.
    • To address this, an instructor must use various teaching methods to capture as many students as possible.
    • The seminars are presented by the aforementioned authors as well as various professional agencies.
    • We had extra staff in the ground, at the railway station and across various parts of the city.
    • At the desk Cassie and Sally filled out various forms.
    • We are all, in our various ways, reliant on others to do their jobs properly.
    • Within each type are several different Pokemon each possessing various abilities.
    • My difficulties with this are many and various and should be shared by most.
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    (different, diverse)
    let us consider the various options consideremos las diversas opciones
    • people as various as lawyers and plumbers personas tan diversas como abogados y fontaneros
    • Faces in the Crowd offers a wonderfully various and intelligently chosen spread of images.
    • Their environments are locally various and the types of cattle are often divided from each other by the topography of the country.
    • Gorky's drawings are so rich, so various, so complex, and often so mysterious that they must be studied with rigorous concentration if we are to tease out their secrets.