Translation of vegan in Spanish:


vegetariano estricto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈviɡən/ /ˈviːɡ(ə)n/


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    vegetariano estricto masculine
    vegetariana estricta feminine
    • Unlike ovo-lacto vegetarians, vegans have eliminated all animal products from their diets.
    • Since cholesterol is found only in animal products such as meat, dairy products and eggs, vegans consume a cholesterol-free diet.
    • Mothers who use soya-based formulas are in most cases strict vegetarians or vegans avoiding baby foods made with cow's milk.
    • However, strict vegetarians and vegans are more at risk for low B12 than others.
    • There is an undercurrent of anger among many vegans and animal activists and, regrettably, it has become one of the central characteristics by which outsiders define us as a group.
    • ‘There's absolutely no question that it's unethical for parents to bring up their children as strict vegans,’ she said.
    • All are vegetarians, many are vegans and some, including Ella, are fruitarians, living off a diet of nothing but fruit.
    • The regime is so precise that half the dishes can be consumed by strict vegans.
    • Dietary-related vitamin B12 deficiency is rare, but strict vegans may be at risk because their diet excludes the foods that provide this vitamin.
    • It prides itself on not using genetically-modified food and uses organic products where possible, while also catering for vegans and those on wheat-free diets.
    • Strict vegans should look for fortified foods, and take a vegetarian B12 supplement.
    • This recipe is ideal for lactose-intolerant people, vegetarians and vegans.
    • Even vegetarians and vegans are not safe from the food scare epidemic.
    • Even vegans, who eat no animal fat at all, make enough cholesterol to meet all their body's needs.
    • Marmite-lovers, particularly vegetarians and vegans, benefit from its high vitamin B content, vitamins that are mainly found in foods of animal origin.
    • There is a spa menu with wheat-free, dairy-free and vegan options.
    • I have no doubt that if everyone was vegan the world would be a healthier, happier and better place.
    • Nuts play a vital role in vegan cooking, and they're used frequently here.
    • For pregnant or nursing vegan mothers, it's important to eat these foods as well as take a reputable brand of vitamin supplement.
    • Many recipes use animal products, but almost all include vegetarian and vegan versions.