Translation of vegetarian in Spanish:


vegetariano, n.

Pronunciation /ˌvɛdʒəˈtɛriən/ /vɛdʒɪˈtɛːrɪən/

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    vegetariano masculine
    vegetariana feminine


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    (restaurant/dish/diet) vegetariano
    • vegetarian cheese
    • There aren't many vegetarian restaurants in this city, and not everyone can afford them.
    • It's a 100 mile round trip but decent vegetarian restaurants are few and far between.
    • In fact, I had completely forgotten that we were eating in a vegetarian restaurant.
    • Often the vegetarian option in a restaurant is much cheaper than the equivalent meat option.
    • There are lots of vegetarian recipe books available, and supermarkets sell a wide range of vegetarian meals.
    • Joan had made a very tasty vegetarian dish with broccoli in a remarkable sauce and a crumble topping with roast almonds.
    • Her books are a must buy for every housewife who enjoys simple South Indian vegetarian fare.
    • Sales of vegetarian burgers have increased 139 percent in the past five years.
    • Here are a few innovative and delicious vegetarian recipes to tickle the palate.
    • It's pretty easy to get vegetarian food there as you choose what you want to put in your bowl yourself and then they cook it for you.
    • Since Chinese vegetarian food does not use too much oil or spices, it is light on the stomach.
    • These studies show that a low-fat, vegetarian diet has a clear advantage over other diets.
    • There are always one or two vegetarian selections among the five or so dishes on the list.
    • There is a good choice of soups, salads, side dishes and fine vegetarian dishes.
    • Her philosophy revolves around the preparation of organic vegetarian food.
    • I have never met a chef who enjoys cooking vegetarian food, it confuses them.
    • But if there is to be vegetarian food on the table it must be just as special as that for the carnivores.
    • They caught on that we were mostly vegetarians so they ordered us lots of yummy vegetarian dishes.
    • The food is organic vegetarian Mediterranean and Asian, made using local produce.
    • The menu had a whole page of vegetarian recipes, another of fish dishes, and finally one of meat.