Translation of veneer in Spanish:


enchapado, n.

Pronunciation /vəˈnɪr/ /vɪˈnɪə/


  • 1

    (of wood, gold)
    enchapado masculine
    chapa feminine
    a marble veneer un revestimiento imitación mármol
    • Much of today's furniture is made with a thin wood veneer over a core of particleboard, and this material also will rapidly absorb water.
    • Then, make your pencil lines and cut on the back of the panel to avoid splintering the veneer with your circular saw.
    • With a new blade in a utility knife, score the veneer front then back, flush with the stile on all edges; and bend it to complete the cut.
    • Other papers copy wood grain or use real wood veneers.
    • Complete your cabinet makeover by covering exposed sides and face frames with matching adhesive-backed veneers.
    • As you work, remember the veneer next to the solid wood strips is very thin - less than 1/32 inch.
    • The units are made of plywood with a maple veneer, and are attached to the wall studs.
    • On the high-end are hardwood veneers and stain-grade solid wood doors with better hardware and excellent fittings.
    • These are used to bond veneers or to bond plastic laminates to wood for table tops and counters.
    • Key design elements include cherry wood veneer cabinetry with granite stone flooring and countertops.
    • I originally asked for the quote on cherry wood veneer.
    • I did not want to simply apply a wood veneer, or a fake finish to the iPod.
    • The illustrator chiseled pieces of maple veneer plywood to approximate his vision.
    • Oval ones were gilded or made of pine with mahogany veneer.
    • All attached veneer walls have a cavity or air space behind them.
    • However, that code requires a vapor retarder for veneer walls designed in accordance with Section 1505.5.
    • Another example is masonry veneer over a steel or concrete frame.
    • But the warped and peeling veneer suggested the heat and humidity might also have taken their toll.
    • Where once there was walnut veneer on the floor, there is now proper stripped wood.
    • Walnut veneer panelling in the bathroom can come as a shock, but you soon get used to it.
  • 2

    (outer appearance)
    capa feminine
    barniz masculine
    veneer of sth capa de algo
    barniz de algo
    • This story has taken on the image and the veneer of a fable and we are simply following the fable to its logical conclusion.
    • Think about the thin veneer of civilization for a moment, and ask yourself how you would respond to chaos.
    • Then the vocals kick in, stripping the veneer of respectability and reminding anyone who they are listening to.
    • Noll's emotional involvement in the issue often surfaces from beneath a thin veneer of scholarly objectivity.
    • Well, I suppose one of us had to maintain a veneer of respectability.
    • He's always been there, under the thin veneer of charm.
    • Each assembly should have a broader peripheral " Civic Forum, " to give a veneer of popular legitimacy.
    • Bit by bit, Faulkner peels away the shiny veneer that covers up the ugly realities of the turn-of-the-century South.
    • When so much travel writing is given a veneer of objectivity, writers are faced with some disturbing questions.
    • The hearings feature only enough heat and sufficient new details to give a veneer of credibility to the process.
    • The U.S. will undoubtedly engineer a process to create a veneer of democratic legitimacy.
    • Karzai's claim to power has only the barest veneer of legitimacy.
    • The wind strips the veneer off our psyches down to a tender layer of angst.
    • But when the girls go away on school camp, their veneers are slowly stripped away.
    • Peel the veneer and there is much to write about.
    • In keeping with his character, Langer's hardness exists beneath a veneer of civility.
    • To my astonishment, Beavers did not respond with the veneer of civility that usually masks his repugnance.
    • But underneath the veneer of civilisation are the realities of the war.
    • The veneer of civilisation that covers the beast within us is thin and can be damaged easily.
    • They really are quite a superstitious race once you strip their thin veneer of scientific polish away.

transitive verb

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