Translation of venomous in Spanish:


venenoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛnəməs/

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    (snake/spider) venenoso
    (look/words) ponzoñoso
    (look/words) lleno de veneno
    (look/words) cargado de veneno
    he has a venomous tongue tiene una lengua viperina
    • Only about 50% of bites by exotic venomous snakes inject sufficient venom to cause clinical envenoming.
    • Zookeepers in Cincinnati, Ohio helped police search the home of a woman who died after being bitten by a venomous pet snake.
    • Anytime you receive a bite from a venomous snake, it's a very dangerous encounter.
    • Each year, about 8,000 Americans are bitten by venomous snakes; only about a dozen die.
    • Stings from these highly venomous creatures are extremely painful but rarely fatal.
    • No one has died from a spider bite in Australia since 1979, though 2,000 are bitten by venomous arachnids each year.
    • When we visited this centre I pointed out the possibility of dry bites by venomous snakes.
    • The new additions double the number of known venomous vertebrates to more than 2,000 species.
    • Many venomous snakes in Iran are being collected for the production of antivenin.
    • In the depths of Australian waters another venomous creature lurks - the sea snake.
    • Indo-Pacific waters are notable for their abundance of venomous species.
    • Amazingly, more deaths in Tasmania are due to ant bite allergies than encounters with any other venomous creature.
    • Many marine creatures are venomous, and beachgoers experience envenomation regularly.
    • Presumably the title is designed to suggest the swift and deadly strike of the venomous snake.
    • Other causes of death included bullet wounds and venomous animal bites.
    • The first toxins were simply saliva toxins, and we've actually worked out what was in the venom of the very first venomous snake.
    • It's actually a little surprising that there aren't more venomous mammals running around.
    • King Cobras are the world's largest venomous snakes, growing to an average length of nearly 6m.
    • He was trapped, a small mice faced with a hungry cat on one side and a venomous snake on another.
    • To those who left the new church he had established he was persistently venomous.
    • When it finally did hit theaters in 2003 the critics weren't just harsh; they were venomous.
    • I slowly sat up and faced my venomous brother and Will who seemed very unhappy.
    • Men also include their own fears, anxieties and fantasies, which in their case translate into the figure of the venomous woman.
    • Even with this, its light was as perilous as ever, ravaging the earth with its venomous rays.
    • The guard's hard, dangerous eyes, pierced Griffith with venomous hostility from over Shanza's shoulder.
    • Since the days of President Zia these are full of venomous references to Hindus and Indians.
    • Violet cried, casting a venomous glance towards the hallway as Briar and Althia exchanged a glance.
    • Casting one last almost venomous glance back over her shoulder at him, she headed back toward her dorm room.
    • More than once she had caught Max shooting venomous glances to her boyfriend.
    • Evelyn shot a venomous glance up at Will as she began to climb back down the ladder.
    • Her voice was bitter and venomous, which shocked Chunia even more.
    • As the iron-jawed dowager, Diana Rigg has a venomous tongue and a bitter, unyielding nature.
    • However, some of the opposition to the bill outside the parliamentary process has been venomous and nasty.
    • Beyond their venomous tendencies lie complex behavioural patterns and intricate lifestyles.
    • As ever, it's our pastimes' deepest virtues that incite the most venomous evangelical slander.
    • Even middle class is these days often used as a venomous synonym for smug, unadventurous or selfish.
    • I tried to ignore him as I glanced around the various classrooms for Abby, but his venomous voice made its way into my ears.
    • Would you be able to release yourself from this person's venomous grip?
    • Back at the hospital, Dyan's venomous account of what it meant to be Dare Ransom had torn the blinds from his eyes.