Translation of verbal in Spanish:


verbal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvərbəl/ /ˈvəːb(ə)l/

Definition of verbal in Spanish


  • 1

    (skills/aptitude) verbal
    (confrontation/attack) verbal
    • Healthcare providers may need to write ‘exercise prescriptions’ rather than give verbal advice to frail older adults.
    • This can be accomplished by employing consistent verbal descriptors in both oral speech and written materials.
    • They have extraordinary verbal skills and written skills.
    • By being in the frame, I could direct scenes from within, rather than giving verbal directions to my actors in-between scenes.
    • Monday's hearing heard written and verbal testimonies from family members of the deceased and from medical staff.
    • Written and verbal invitations to community representatives to dialogue with the company have not been taken up.
    • The councillors did reverse themselves on this matter after two written and two verbal submissions from me.
    • We proceeded with the understanding that this verbal agreement would eventually be formalized in writing.
    • SL stated that despite there being no written contract there was a verbal agreement and that would stand up in law.
    • The experimenter wrote verbal protocols down verbatim.
    • Patients received written and verbal instructions on proper inhaler technique at screening and at each of the study visits.
    • Patients who understand and can apply written or verbal information and instructions have better outcomes.
    • I received several written as well as verbal follow-ups to ensure I was happy and not having any problems.
    • These beliefs were grounded in memory, experience, and observation rather than verbal instruction or religious revelation.
    • She gave a verbal agreement to appear in the 1992 film, Boxing Helena.
    • Manchester United have reportedly reached a verbal agreement with Barcelona on a fee for the England captain.
    • A verbal agreement can hold more weight than, or even entirely supercede, a written one.
    • Verbal fluency Participants were asked to produce as many grocery items as possible during 60 seconds.
    • Previous studies by the group have shown that depressed persons making serious suicide attempts have impaired verbal fluency.
    • Here as well, purely verbal concessions were made to demands for international control.
    • He gave Rafe a parting thump along with a touch more verbal abuse and left us alone.
    • I didn't feel up for more verbal abuse, but I still wondered where he was taking me.
    • After protracted verbal sparring followed by hand-to-hand combat, Harry defeats Riddle by stabbing the diary.
    • Then there are the random moments like that when verbal communication breaks through.
    • He loves the verbal jousting almost as much as the 90 minutes.
    • He loves this verbal jousting as a dodge for his academic laziness.
    • Joan interrupted their verbal jousting by stepping forward and taking the bottle out of Zeke's hand.
    • Tests at twelve months showed marginal improvement in verbal fluency associated with estradiol declines.
    • The Democratic governors who witnessed the verbal assault were likewise restrained in their reaction.
    • He has verbal dexterity and rhyming skills which very few rap artists have.
    • But there is a certain standard of verbal dexterity that is expected in politicians at this level.
    • Why are they often able to deter attacks using merely verbal threats?
    • The camera remains centered on the individuals as they speak, but pulls back when verbal confrontations occur.
    • The highly verbal quality of their construction can prove an insurmountable obstacle to their success as a film.
    • ‘It's nice to finally see Silsden getting some visible support rather than just verbal support,’ she said.
    • Unfortunately, some politicians are prepared to trade verbal punches rather than attend to the country's business.
    • The conversations between the bird beings sound as ‘bird brained’ as the rather mindless verbal dilly-dallying of the humans.
    • Perhaps indirect rather than direct verbal strategies and nonverbal communication would be preferable in some relationships.
    • Music may have meaning, but it is an imprecise language, a language of suggestion and imagery rather than verbal description.
    • From absolutely nowhere Syrah ran into the verbal battle, speaking with venom in her normally controlled voice.
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    (agreement) verbal
    (agreement) de palabra
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    (of verbs)
    • It is unlikely that such a verb as organize will shift, because of its verbal suffix: no Let's have an organize.
    • The past forms of nominal sentences are verbal sentences because of the verb of existence which expresses the past tense.
    • Nominal, adjectival, and verbal expressions can, however, be ‘coerced’ into serving a non-prototypical function.
    • Among other particular features of Albanian and other Balkan languages are a postpositive definite article and the absence of a verbal infinitive.