Translation of vernal in Spanish:


vernal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvərnl/ /ˈvəːn(ə)l/

Definition of vernal in Spanish


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    (equinox) vernal
    (equinox) de primavera
    • Of course, spring has its vernal breezes, thriving greenness, seasonal promises and so on.
    • This past spring, I visited one such impermanent place, a vernal pool tucked into the base of Ruffner Mountain.
    • The correct Latin term for spring flowering is vernal, as in Leucojum vernum, the spring snowflake, and Crocus vernus, the Dutch crocus.
    • Like its predecessors, the album arrives just in time for Spring and comes bearing more than a few certifiable vernal jams.
    • Many vernal pools themselves are simply filled.
    • A little bit of the vernal season becomes a part of you.
    • It exudes the aroma of flowery vernal Kashmir landscape.
    • Swans were racing along in the vernal currents.
    • At vernal Iguacu National Park, the valves are wide open in a staggering demonstration of Nature's force.
    • She is impudently vernal, like Hogarth's more plebeian Shrimp-Girl, and even more fluorescent in her dewiness.
    • He wants to write big, important, unforgettable, unusual books, whose sentences zing with vernal energy.
    • I even felt a little vernal as I got up this morning, actually, but at the time I put it down to the Nepali I had for lunch yesterday.
    • Remaining vernal pools within an area of approximately 36,500 acres in San Diego and Orange counties are included in the proposal.
    • The same trend is evident in midge populations that occur in shallow vernal ponds in this marsh.
    • Officially the start of the Chinese lunar new year, it is a grand religious, patriotic, vernal, and family holiday rolled into one.
    • At least four listed vernal pool species also will benefit.
    • Thirteen vernal pools, ranging in size from a quarter acre to nearly twenty-five acres, develop mostly on the tops of mesas.
    • Right ascension, measures the easterly distance of an object from the vernal point, along the plane of the celestial equator.
    • The independent responses of vernal and summer herb communities to topography or disturbance are rarely considered.
    • After the spring rains Sullivan Canyon, which lies behind my house in Bel Air, California, is a vernal paradise.
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