Translation of vesicle in Spanish:


vesícula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛsək(ə)l/ /ˈvɛsɪk(ə)l/ /ˈviːsɪk(ə)l/

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    vesícula feminine
    • They are united by the presence of small vesicles in, or just under, the plasma membrane.
    • The prevailing model argues that specific proteins are shuttled around to their destinations, both within and outside the cell, in enclosed vesicles.
    • Both vesicles and bilayer patches were found not to move laterally over the time range of 10 min and more, except at relatively high imaging forces.
    • The two vesicles resemble small, bulbous pouches and are located just above the prostate gland.
    • This process allows the vesicles to dock to that part of the membrane where the neurotransmitters are due to be released into the synapse (the active zone).