Translation of Veterans Day in Spanish:

Veterans Day

día del Armisticio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛdərənz deɪ/


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    día del Armisticio masculine
    • I was going to give a Veterans Day speech in Westchester at 11:00.
    • Be Good, Smile Pretty will be aired nationally by PBS on November 11, Veterans Day.
    • Regular speeches in this series cover Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Army Birthday / Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.
    • And as we go to break, we show you a live picture of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here in Washington on this Veterans Day in the United States, 2001.
    • President Bush, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs have all published eloquent messages for this Veterans Day.
    • In the USA, Remembrance Day is known as Veterans Day.
    • On this Veterans Day, about 180,000 members of the National Guard and reserves are serving on active military duty.
    • CNN's Thomas Roberts has been probing that question this Veterans Day.
    • I ask that you set aside a moment this Veterans Day to remember the service and sacrifices of American veterans, past and present.
    • Both the Washington Post and the Washington Times tell the story of Eugene Simpson in honor of Veterans Day today.
    • Let's agree on this: Veterans Day should have no apostrophe because the government says so.

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    • Un día festivo en EEUU y Canadá. Se celebra el 11 de noviembre, en honor a los que han servido en las fuerzas armadas. La gente pone banderas en sus casas y muchas ciudades lo celebran con desfiles.