Translation of vex in Spanish:


irritar, v.

Pronunciation /vɛks/

See Spanish definition of irritar

transitive verb

  • 1

    sacar de quicio
    • I think I'll ask her this question that is vexing me so.
    • If the Declaration inspires us with lofty ideals, the Constitution vexes us with questions of interpretation.
    • The finding sheds further light on a question that has vexed scientists for years: How do birds navigate between nesting areas separated by thousands of miles with pinpoint accuracy?
    • The question that has long vexed evolutionary biologists is whether these ornaments actually tell you anything about the genetic health of a male.
    • Yesterday, he was vexed and frustrated as the weekend's fatalities ensured a flood of calls from journalists.
    • What vexed me enough that all those details would matter, however, was the film's treatment of women.
    • As a Yorkshire born Aussie, the question of Scottish antipathy to the English has vexed me often.
    • And his equanimity didn't help matters, especially when she was vexed at him.
    • It really vexes me to see that so many people believe that they should be able to dictate what a blogger does or does not write about.
    • She'd given him no instructions just as the stresses of his situation began to vex him.
    • There is something about this musical distinction that vexes me, but for the sake of the argument I'd say upbeat rock 'n' roll.
    • His prices were too high for the Venetian grandees, who were as careful as himself with money, whilst the religious orders vexed him with quibbles and indecision.
    • As a social activist, she was vexed by the invisibility of significant sections of the community - the homeless, the overweight and the elderly.
    • I'm slightly vexed to find that walking is restricted to footpaths during the grouse nesting season (May to August).
    • Simultaneous translation is provided, but Donald Dewar is among the members vexed by the technology and his grimace is captured by photographers.
    • Yes, it's sad that we are still vexed by the very same issues.
    • The debate about private car use in York has vexed York's politicians and transport planners for decades.
    • However, many of us were vexed at our government and the souring relations with the States.
    • She gets increasingly vexed by Les who insists she say particularly silly things over the airwaves.
    • Times and editors change, and now instead of letters, the magazine chooses to vex their readers by not offering indices of back issues online.
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    (worry, puzzle)