Translation of video frequency in Spanish:

video frequency

videofrecuencia, n.

See Spanish definition of videofrecuencia


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    videofrecuencia feminine
    • Because the frequencies of the vibration are higher than the video frequency, strobed illumination of the hemicochlea preparation was used to acquire the images.
    • This was broadcast over all video frequencies not long ago.
    • The video signal forms a square wave with a video frequency of approximately 19 kHz.
    • The ProExtreme wireless camera detector automatically scans all the commonly used video frequencies in under 10 seconds.
    • For some applications, e.g. inline laser printing, the video frequencies must be calibrated to the print engine mechanism so board changes are not practical.
    • Like composite video, they tend to be designed for flexibility and performance at lower video frequencies.
    • As high-frequency op amps became available, active filters once used only for audio became practical for video frequencies.