Translation of videodisc in Spanish:


videodisco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪdioʊˌdɪsk/ /ˈvɪdɪəʊdɪsk/

Definition of videodisco in Spanish


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    videodisco masculine
    • Lasers are commonly seen in several ordinary commercial applications, such as bar code scanners, laser pointers, CD players, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, laser surgery, and laser-light shows.
    • Compact discs and digital videodiscs have become the de facto standards for media storage and playback for millions of consumers and businesses around the world.
    • The archive for the European art videodisc contains over 2,800 images of individual works, each accompanied by identifying caption information and details.
    • Digital videodiscs were used rather than CD's, he said, because much more information can be stored on each DVD.
    • In fact, videodiscs were becoming cheaper than audio discs, with prices ranging from Rs.85 to Rs.299.
    • Decision aids include booklets, tapes, videodiscs, interactive computer programs, or paper based charts, to help presentation and discussion of risk information with patients.
    • Synchronisation was a difficult trick to manage, and there were even crude videodiscs produced which could help you get your machine up to speed before the beginning of transmissions.
    • Interactive videodisc programs were the first grand experiments in integrating emerging technologies into the museum galleries.
    • After an unsuccessful beginning in the 1970s with training extension courses on videodisc, trainers distributed content through the use of CD ROMs.
    • They have developed software which emulates the obsolete BBC computer and videodisc player on which the original system ran.