Translation of vine in Spanish:


vid, n.

Pronunciation /vaɪn/ /vʌɪn/

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  • 1also grapevine

    (on ground) vid feminine
    (climbing) parra feminine
    to be a clinging vine ser pegajoso
    • vine grower viticultor
    • vine leaf hoja de parra
    • vine shoot sarmiento
    • Most of the vines are white grape varieties thought to be likely to fare better in the Scarborough climate.
    • Most are vines or climbing plants, but some are herbs as well.
    • Like its cultivated successors, the wild vine is a climbing plant which needs to grow up some support.
    • You don't say when you planted the vines, but if they had not had time to take hold, the dry spring and early summer may have been a factor.
    • The vines are related to the Serbian Smederevka variety and the plant produces large copper coloured fruit.
    • He wrote another book about the ways plants grow and climb, and he worked out that the tendril climbers, like the vine or the passionflower, are the most evolved.
    • You can plant your vine to climb a trellis, arbor, pergola, or fence.
    • It is best to plant a vine at least 12 inches away from a house foundation.
    • Plant quick-growing vines, such as morning glory or hyacinth bean, around the outside of the lattice.
    • He was a vine of the Lord's planting, a choice vine, a noble vine, wholly good.
    • Cut three or four grapevine lengths, depending on the thickness of the vine for each pumpkin as a handle.
    • However, crown gall of vines lives inside the vine itself and so is spread at planting.
    • The couple planted the 5,100 vines with their own hands on land where raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and other soft fruit grew.
    • Actually the first vines planted in Orange were Merlot.
    • She also warned vine growers that certain grape varieties may also freeze.
    • Growers are making their own wine, or planting superior vines for their quality rather than for the quantity they will deliver.
    • The large marble fireplace, which was engraved with the images of climbing vines, still retained its blackened cinders.
    • Yet wine is an inescapable part of the landscape too, ever since the Spanish conquistadores started planting their first vines in the 16th century.
    • When the Romans first planted vines here, beehives were everywhere.
    • Moon vine has earned its name from the way its flowers gleam in the moonlight or any other type of reflected light.
    • The aim of this work was to assess the fertility and breeding potential of the triploid and aneuploid hybrids with a view to developing an improved vine cactus crop.
    • In addition to these, a laceleaf Japanese maple, a vine maple, blue oat grass, and other ornamentals cover the berm.
    • I have planted a Russian vine with supporting trellis to screen the view from the climbing frame and trampoline.
  • 2

    (climbing plant)
    enredadera feminine
    tomato vine tomatera
    • hanging vines lianas