Translation of viral marketing in Spanish:

viral marketing

márketing viral, n.


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    márketing viral masculine
    • His current research interests include P2P business models, online communities, permission marketing, viral marketing, personalization, spamming, and privacy.
    • The use of specific Internet marketing tactics such as micro sites and viral marketing to woo select Web users has become particularly enticing.
    • The company offers viral marketing, opt-in reward programs and direct marketing.
    • Unlike television commercials, which are passive, games and viral marketing techniques allow you to capture the viewer's interest and allow them to learn more about the product..
    • The company also provides website design and CD-Rom and plasma-screen presentations services as well as viral marketing and database integration.
    • With a little ingenuity and viral marketing, however, E-mail marketing can be used for acquiring new customers as well as retaining old ones.
    • The most common viral marketing delivery method - HTML e-mail - can pose a technical problem.
    • The site's notoriety also gained momentum online with banner buys and e-mail and viral marketing.
    • Because online viral marketing campaigns usually require customers to send e-mails to friends, many companies have wondered whether these messages could run afoul of anti-spam laws.
    • But unlike his early success - enabled by a banking system that is robust and easy to use - he has run into major problems that can't be fixed with a simple Web site and viral marketing.
    • Could this be one massive corporate viral marketing scheme?
    • We don't send out paper reports, in part because of the expense, but also because it discourages viral marketing.
    • One of the most popular methods of online marketing, however, is viral marketing or word of mouth.
    • Instead of providing personal e-mail newsletters and using viral marketing tactics to build online communities of support, they post Web pages that collect dust.
    • Haven't we seen this trend before - in push media, home-page building sites, portals, and viral marketing?
    • It is old-fashioned viral marketing in the truest sense of the word.
    • Although this not a virus or a worm, these viral marketing campaigns have the potential to clog up a large amount of a company's email bandwidth like a mass-mailing worm.
    • The whole point of viral marketing isn't to trick people, but to make the advertising interesting and engaging so that people want to find out more about your product.
    • Although all of the services say their click-through and success rates are high, analysts have no way of knowing how well viral marketing is doing on an aggregate basis.
    • In London, it's been one of the most successful viral marketing stories ever.