Translation of virgin in Spanish:


virgen, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvərdʒən/ /ˈvəːdʒɪn/

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    virgen feminine
    the (Blessed) Virgin Mary la (Santísima) Virgen María


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    (innocence/modesty) virginal
    the virgin birth el alumbramiento virginal
    • I recognise that sometimes children can come along before the marriage but to prance about in a white dress playing the virgin bride is a bit much.
    • Do you feel that rockets bursting to impregnate the virgin sky are gender appropriate?
    • The desert around Llano has been prepared like a virgin bride for its eventual union with the metropolis.
    • She was the virgin poetess dressed in white, the tremulous daughter who never left her father's house, the maiden who turned to art because she was thwarted in love.
    • The finder himself was rewarded with a pale-skinned virgin bride.
    • It was an era of virgin brides and saucy postcards, when society was hungry for sexual freedom - but was too embarrassed to admit it.
    • Yet, the countryside looked most magnificent blanketed in a coat of virgin white rarely witnessed.
    • She wanted to be a virgin bride but that, she claims, was not an option in Margate.
    • The chill in the air nipped at my flesh as the Temple Elder draped a clock of virgin white over my shoulders and led me to Her altar.
    • Those who know Van Eyck's whole oeuvre well tend to believe otherwise - that it was simply the fashion to wear this style of clothing and that her attire should hot preclude her from being seen as a virgin bride.
    • This time she was dressed in white: a virgin princess lying caught among the cobwebs of the stars.
    • And people don't understand why I'm standing here in a virgin white race suit unable to answer whether I'm going to be racing for Jaguar next year?
    • In the case of a virgin bride the party went on for seven days.
    • One by one, they toss their flowers in, virgin white upon the black dirt.
    • We both wanted to have high school sweet hearts and be young virgin brides.
    • It was then that Liesel noticed the long, virgin white robes, and the cross around his neck.
    • The corrupt judge who convicted her has tired of the usual monetary bribes that generally facilitate a quick release and demands a more elusive prize - a virgin maiden.
    • Jeff is such a busy man, I'm impressed he made time to go all the way down to southwestern Nigeria to report on one of its most famous virgin festivals.
    • So thank you, Tessa, I shall order a virgin cocktail and drink to you.
    • A mild-mannered virgin businessman turned into a ‘deranged sex maniac’ under the influence of prescribed drugs, the High Court was told yesterday.
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    (unspoiled, untouched)
    (forest) virgen
    (snow) intacto
    this subject is virgin territory to me desconozco totalmente el tema
    • Large tracts of virgin forest play a role in global ecology comparable to rain forests.
    • Because of the rapid consumption of virgin forests in places as far apart as Canada and Southeast Asia, forest restoration has not been able to keep pace with the demand for wood products.
    • Recycling glass saves one-quarter to one-third the energy used for virgin materials.
    • Count Alan saw Yorkshire as virgin land he could exploit.
    • To check it out I did a clean install of XP and verified the exploit on a virgin image.
    • It takes 60 percent less energy to make paper from recycled materials than it does to manufacture it from virgin wood pulp.
    • European businessmen quick to exploit the virgin market, made their passage to India sailing around the Cape.
    • Both hemp and kenaf offer a sound alternative to virgin fiber, leaving the world's fast-disappearing forests intact.
    • Replacing used water bottles with new containers made from virgin resources consumes energy and pollutes the air, land and water.
    • We landed five miles off our targeted landing site, with a daring, smooth landing by our pilot who brought us down, kissing the virgin snow.
    • It also means that the hair in the braid remains virgin and when you eventually have the extensions off your own hair is in brilliant condition.
    • The rapidograph doesn't merely apply ink to paper: it claws it in, scratching black lines onto the virgin white page.
    • Wlsea then moved into real offices on Municipal Pier, hired its first employee and secured six virgin white pines for the ship's masts and spars.
    • Whitsunday Island is perhaps most notable for Whitehaven Beach, three miles of virgin white sand.
    • Carl and Lowell Skoog are blazing virgin trails in the backcountry's wild white yonder
    • At night, lying awake in a room never dark enough, I dream of bare walls; the virgin walls of a big white misshapen room.
    • The throwers at the airport will destroy the virgin surface of your case on its maiden voyage with special clawed scratching tools they reserve solely for this purpose - or at least, that's how it feels when you get it back.
    • The station was 500,000 acres of almost virgin bush set astride the magnificent Culvert River, and abandoned for 15 years.
    • Every now and then, one would hear people talk in mysterious tones about log cabins or geodesic domes on virgin land in Vermont or Montana, and the growing of organic vegetables.
    • One of his claims is that the fragment of circuit board could not be responsible for the explosion as it was a virgin piece of equipment that had never been used.
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    virgin wool lana virgen
    • virgin olive oil aceite oliva virgen