Translation of visceral in Spanish:


visceral, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪs(ə)rəl/ /ˈvɪs(ə)r(ə)l/

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  • 1 literary

    (response/hatred/fear) visceral
    • Are too many writers coming from an intellectual rather than a visceral view of the world?
    • The driving anger is far deeper and both more visceral and more principled.
    • Were you ever tempted to beef things up to create a visceral, rather than emotional reaction?
    • As an adult, Christopher is the creation of his most cherished fantasies and visceral fears.
    • My initial negative reaction was not based on a cool assessment of their ideas, but on a visceral dislike of intellectual bandwagon jumping.
    • The Prime Minister, who sees himself as a realist, is driven by visceral fears.
    • The viewer of art sees beyond its visceral ingredients and in some sense is intellectually or emotionally engaged.
    • I did not enjoy manipulating people's visceral reaction to tortuous stimuli.
    • Therefore it is good, once in a while, to take a deep breath of petrol and rubber, and reawaken that visceral love of the machine.
    • Many of the photographs graphically show pain's visceral nature.
    • Alternatively cerebral and visceral, it's not easy listening, but is posesssed of a restless, elemental energy.
    • Gregor's beats provided something visceral, the bones, blood and guts of the song.
    • Goodhart thinks he can play on a certain visceral anti-Americanism that is characteristic of the British left.
    • The film illustrates this shift in consciousness with a visceral ferocity.
    • Useem says that students develop a visceral understanding of the problems leaders encounter.
    • When it becomes necessary to abandon reason, decisions become more visceral.
    • It is these forms that I think we respond to on a visceral level.
    • This is a visceral, gut reaction, though, similar to a scream after you've stubbed your toe.
    • There's a visceral pleasure in shoving the clutch, and unleashing the next wave of acceleration as part of a fluid mechanical process.
    • Many modern Noh theatres have lost the visceral effect that comes from this traditional layout.
  • 2

    • Thoracic and abdominal visceral involvement and hepatosplenomegaly were absent.
    • A visceral pleural line is seen without distal lung markings.
    • Its decline is associated with renal failure and visceral gout.
    • In the chest, the tumors can arise from either the visceral or parietal pleura.
    • Some of this fluid crosses the visceral pleura and accumulates as a small sterile pleural effusion.
    • There appear to be no highly specific pathways for visceral sensation in the central nervous system.
    • Herniation of bowel loops often causes visceral pain with vomiting and bowel obstruction.
    • There is an increase in abdominal and visceral fat which contributes to increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • Ischaemia secondary to reduced cardiac output may contribute to the risk of visceral damage.
    • The visceral obesity in patients with metabolic syndrome is associated with dyslipidemia.
    • When both procedures were negative, all patients underwent visceral angiography.
    • The goal was to maintain Mr V's nutritional status and visceral stores before surgery.
    • No effect was observed on visceral sites of metastases, although reassuringly no trend toward an increase was identified.
    • It is extremely difficult to prove that a malignant melanoma originates in a visceral site.
    • The cells of the visceral mesoderm and dorsal vessel also express both genes.
    • It does nothing to remove the visceral fat that accumulates around the abdominal organs.
    • The small black dots represent the increased concentration of molecules inside a dense visceral structure or bone.
    • Most fossil crinoids have the main visceral body raised above the sea floor by a stem, also called a stalk or column.
    • The job of stress hormones is to withdraw the blood supply from the visceral organs towards the fighting and running muscles of the arms and legs.
    • One of the surprises of the Gulf War studies is that the organism was also capable of causing visceral disease.