Translation of viscous in Spanish:


viscoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪskəs/

Definition of viscoso in Spanish


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    • Our cars run on fuel, which, to some, is a thick viscous liquid that needs to be filled in the petrol tank periodically.
    • In some cases, they have been burnt by leaking mustard gas, which, despite its name, is a thick, viscous liquid.
    • If the lava is very viscous, and there is a great deal of gas present, pumice is formed.
    • Gentle heating for about five hours produces a sauce which is thick and viscous in consistency.
    • Some volcanoes appear similar to those formed from eruption of thick, viscous lavas on Earth.
    • When large intermolecular forces are present, a liquid will tend to be thick or highly viscous.
    • The joint also produces a thick viscous fluid called synovial fluid, which helps in smooth and painless movement.
    • Theory predicts that the quantum vacuum behaves in some ways like a viscous fluid.
    • They crowded around the counter drowning themselves in glass after shot glass of viscous liquid.
    • As his eyes cleared, Nicholas found himself in a huge vat of viscous liquid.
    • Their thick, viscous blood rained heavy upon the ground, oozing into scale, skin and fur.
    • The fog bank looked thick, almost viscous, seeming to have a life all its own.
    • Naturally, it would take a long time for a very viscous liquid to be squeezed out of a sponge and to percolate to the top.
    • A viscous, silvery liquid flowed down his arms and solidified into a pair of claws.
    • Various viscous liquids were used in the heating process to emulsify the rubber.
    • The honey is much thicker and more viscous, and it pours very slowly compared with the water.
    • His hands were coated in viscous white liquid and he waved them around maniacally.
    • Looking to the blood red moon I lift the vial and pour a black viscous liquid into my open mouth.
    • She then suddenly spat at him, her saliva mixed with thick, viscous blood.
    • Aloe vera juice is a yellowish viscous liquid - it shouldn't look or taste like water.