Translation of visionary in Spanish:


con visión de futuro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪʒəˌnɛri/ /ˈvɪʒ(ə)n(ə)ri/

See Spanish definition of utópico


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    (leader/plan) con visión de futuro
    • The film is based around Isaac Asimov's visionary stories about future technology where robots are an integral part of our daily lives.
    • I marvelled at the imaginative energy of the Martian enterprise, at its visionary and dogged inventiveness.
    • He hopes to see the gains achieved by the U.S. civil rights movement, and maybe even a vision of ideal universal equality, reflected in the visionary future of the Federation.
    • The awards highlight projects that go beyond technical solutions to consider process, human behavior, and visionary city planning.
    • Clearly the last chapters of Wilde's novel are not visionary glimpses of the future.
    • It is not easy to paint a visionary future and also to chart the map that gets you there.
    • The too-obvious answer is that clever, creative, visionary people are attracted to either the abstraction of art and literature or the practical innovation of science and technology.
    • I would be much more comfortable for there to be an inspiring philosophy led by a visionary leader.
    • During the coming months, AMT will presents visionary articles from leaders on the future of the arts and music.
    • These two visionary leaders forged an enduring relationship that has weathered many challenges.
    • President Lyndon Johnson epitomized the alpha and omega of a leader's visionary determination.
    • We keep saying that we are visionary world leaders, but our customers, for the most part, aren't buying it.
    • And that is why this ebullient, energetic and visionary leader suddenly became mute and reclusive.
    • One expects them to be capable of imagining another, better future - a Utopian moment, a visionary book.
    • The strongest photographs in the show have a mysterious, iconic power that seems to unite a difficult present and a visionary future.
    • Guymun is well-known for her visionary insights and gifted storytelling.
    • One of its founders, Professor Tony Robards, will explain how York's city leaders took bold and visionary steps to create a shared strategic vision, long before recent government initiatives.
    • Nor was it Neal Stephenson, the visionary science fiction writer who imagined a future transformed by nanotechnology in his 1995 novel The Diamond Age.
    • When I spoke to one of the people behind this project, I was struck by its simplicity and by the visionary future paradigm that it is based on.
    • Pathology and pills don't offer a very visionary route to such imaginings.
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    • The book ends with an assault by the mob on Mr Chainmail's 12th-cent. castle, an ironic comment on the more visionary schemes to solve the troubles of the age of reform.
    • ‘These hypothetical, visionary schemes will only act to deter tenants from investing in their businesses,’ he said.

nounplural visionaries

  • 1

    visionario masculine
    visionaria feminine
  • 2

    iluminado masculine
    iluminada feminine
    visionario masculine
    visionaria feminine