Translation of visual in Spanish:


visual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪʒ(u)əl/ /ˈvɪʒ(j)ʊəl/ /ˈvɪzjʊəl/

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    (memory/impact) visual
    she has a fine visual sense tiene mucho sentido estético
    • visual aids soporte (de material) visual
    • the visual arts las artes plásticas / visuales
    • visual contact contacto visual
    • visual display unit pantalla
    • visual inspection inspección ocular
    • It is a very successful way to convert an ordinary shot into one with a lot of visual appeal.
    • Experiments in visual perception have shown that the mind has a great influence on what we see.
    • However, Plato's distrust of sensory perception led him to reject the visual arts.
    • There are very strong arguments that wind turbines spoil the visual appearance of the landscape.
    • Previously, visual checks were carried out but this could be very subjective.
    • Her training in visual arts enables her to create her scenes as though each image is to be framed.
    • There are a couple of visual effects that are stunning and the pacing is just brilliant.
    • They also point to the historical inclusion of visual arts in the festival.
    • You have to generate visual energy, emotions and memories with inert, dead materials.
    • When only the first two rows of an eye chart are read it is called moderate visual impairment.
    • Taken together, these elements add up to a beautiful visual blend of the old and the new.
    • The dishes that ranged from pudding, juice to salads proved to be a visual treat as well.
    • Her performance earned her a bronze medal in the visual impairment category.
    • The graphics have been upgraded, improving even further on the visual quality.
    • I feel they are concentrating on the visual side rather than the practical problems we are facing.
    • For the greatest visual impact, a rock garden should be constructed on as large a scale as the site will allow.
    • Such visual adverts seek to mobilise hopes which their very existence has helped extinguish.
    • Monogram and AMT produced some of the best visual celebrations of hot rod culture.
    • Indeed water in all its diverse forms has been mainly responsible for the visual feast that lies ahead.
    • Other blunders interfere more with the visual integrity of the building than its structure.