Translation of viva in Spanish:


defensa de la tesis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvivə/ /ˈvʌɪvə/


  • 1

    examen oral que decide la nota global de la licenciatura
    (for MA, PhD) defensa de la tesis feminine
    • The project viva turned out to be smooth sailing.
    • To decide his fate, he would have to face a viva, a personal interview with the examiners.
    • They are made over a course of preparation, of examination, of vivas, of evaluation, of letters, of assessments.
    • From a personal point of view the case note viva was the most traumatic part as I learnt that I can make simple mistakes that I would not expect a junior doctor to make.
    • The clinical assessors studied 50 case records culled randomly from the past six months' activity, and on the second day I had a two hour viva on selected records.
    • I recall going for my anatomy viva in June 1964, at the end of my first year at Cambridge.
    • When performance assessment did occur, as in specialty certification, the traditional viva dominated.
    • ‘Sorry about the poor performance in the viva,’ I said.
    • Anyway, I managed to squeeze into my exam suit and, in between feeds, nip over to the royal college to do my vivas.
    • I would love to be able to tell the story of my viva, but can't.
    • But it was the viva which frightened me to death.
    • My supervisor informs me that my paper looks fine to submit and informs me the date of my first-year viva.
    • He submitted his thesis ‘Compound Verb in Bengali’ in 1975 and appeared for the viva.
    • Our readers should know he cut a fine figure in subfusc on his way to his viva.
    • Now, after long years, they meet again in California, where she has just walked out of her viva, and he has finished a stint as a visiting professor.
    • He was said to be the ‘ablest historian of his year’, but he had failed to get a first, and seemed now to be acting out some endless redemptive viva.