Translation of vivid in Spanish:


vivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvɪvɪd/

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  • 1

    (color) vivo
    (color) intenso
    (plumage) de colores vivos
    (plumage) de vivo colorido
    • The deep, vivid colours make angels landing by silence much more than just another flower picture.
    • The display is great-very large, as you can see, with a bright backlight and vivid colour.
    • His pieces are bright, luminous and painted in vivid colours.
    • These will be in keeping with the dark, vivid colours within the store which includes deep reds and olive greens.
    • Fluorescent colours are vivid and eye-catching, even from a distance, because of special pigment used in the dyes.
    • Colours are vivid and symbolic, including rich purple parchment and gold lettering.
    • Sweet peas, busy Lizzies, pansies and marigolds are bringing vivid colours to a location which is on the brink of massive investment.
    • You don't have to cross the Atlantic to enjoy vivid colours.
    • The quest was for good, strong geraniums to go in a big planter by the front door and give us a dash of vivid colour right through the summer and on into the autumn.
    • Of course, its vivid colours are depicted, but also the grimy greys and blacks of modern urban Spain.
    • These make ideal portable plants providing a fragrant perfume and vivid colour in early to mid-summer next year.
    • The only vivid colour was in the bays where waterlilies flowered.
    • Its limpid pools, vivid colours and unusual plants will reinforce your sense of tranquility and equanimity.
    • I have enjoyed painting in vivid colour for years now - the colours work on the psyche.
    • At the time, I liked big, single blooms with vivid colours, but now I've rather gone off them.
    • Walk this soon just for the heather and don't much worry about the weather because the colour is more vivid under a dull sky.
    • We experience colour as feelings, and vivid colours can make you feel sassy, wild and energised.
    • Beetroot is also great for making soup and can be sliced, diced or grated to add vivid colour to salads.
    • I simply cannot resist going back to enjoy their vivid colours and sturdy growth.
    • Most of these murals are very well preserved, and still bear most of their features and their vivid colours.
  • 2

    (memory/dream) vívido
    (account/description) gráfico
    (account/description) vívido
    • New moving images may become as vivid and powerful as traumatic memories in the mind of a child survivor.
    • Kit could feel the anger coursing through his mind and everything was vivid and clear.
    • She had another terrible nightmare and could not shake the vivid images from her mind.
    • The images were still vivid in her mind, as if she were watching a scene of a movie over and over again.
    • Some of his set pieces can conjure a more vivid image in the mind's eye than the surviving works of art themselves.
    • His images created by the vivid description of desert life and earthly love scenes were never excelled by later lyricists.
    • It's also notable that Wright leaves a far more vivid and haunting image in your mind.
    • The image of his death remains a vivid picture in my mind that I often replay today.
    • The images, sounds and feelings are so vivid that the mind can't distinguish between reality and imagination.
    • And most of us do that, providing our readers with vivid images and resonant sounds.
    • Trent's words from the night before were still fresh in her mind, painting vivid pictures.
    • My mind has a vivid picture of it. do, since it happens in the blink of an eye.
    • A clear and vivid mental picture must always precede the actual picture on paper.
    • Kat woke up with a start, the images from the previous night's dreams still vivid in her mind.
    • My eyes shot open, the image of concrete inches from my face still vivid in my mind.
    • When people hear the name Titanic many vivid and emotional images come to mind.
    • Drop the unoriginal, vanilla stories and go for the ones that leave a strong, vivid impression.
    • The details of that day were so vivid in Adam's mind that it seemed like it had happened only yesterday.
    • The descriptions were so vivid she could almost picture the races that he spoke of.
    • The picture remains to this day vivid in my mind, as if it lingers there only to torture me.
  • 3

    (performance/personality) lleno de vitalidad
    (imagination) rico
    (imagination) fértil
    • Fisk is a garlanded, dynamic, vivid reporter, one of the best in the world.
    • The question is whether the author can live up to the vivid characters and style of the first book.
    • Bristling with vivid characters, they give an electrifying glimpse into an unknown world.
    • He's a vivid character - a mystery that we as readers want to have solved but never can.
    • His innocent boyish face suggests a young, vivid child, a likeable person.