Traducción de vixen en Español:


zorra, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɪksən/ /ˈvɪks(ə)n/

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  • 1

    zorra femenino
    raposa femenino
    • Gibbons says the females, or vixens, have a disturbing habit of making bloodcurdling screams in winter.
    • As the vixen's oestrus draws to a close, the dog fox stops guarding her and changes his behaviour dramatically, rapidly expanding into the neighbouring territories.
    • Now the vixen snapped at the dog's heels, so he turned on her and found himself harried again by her brother.
    • That is a fairly massive population change in the same habitat, but at the same time the proportion of vixens breeding each year has stayed the same, the number of cubs they are producing has stayed the same.
    • People living on the Moorside blamed the fox for the demise of all the feral cats in the area and other wildlife. Mrs Crabtree thinks that it must be a hungry vixen with a litter to feed.
  • 2

    arpía femenino
    bruja femenino
    • He uses examples from a biblical hall of fame of female villains and vixens - Delilah is one - to warn women not to engage in various forms of deceit or trickery to land, or keep, a man.