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vocal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈvoʊk(ə)l/ /ˈvəʊk(ə)l/

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    the vocal organs los órganos vocales / de la voz
    • When Barber began work on the score of Vanessa in 1954, he was already regarded as one of the US's foremost composers of orchestral and vocal music.
    • Their style is melodic driving rock, with textured guitars and strong vocal harmony lines.
    • He never studied abroad and never composed any vocal music.
    • Most classical stations don't want vocal music during the day because if it's on in the workplace, it's distracting.
    • It is about as drop-dead beautiful as vocal music gets, enveloped in luminous orchestration.
    • The choir, which has 40 members, specialises in contemporary works and also in older vocal music.
    • He trained in the cello and vocal music but also plays guitar, clarinet and saxophone.
    • These two Sligo ladies are both classically trained pianists, but their superb voices, and outstanding vocal arrangements are even more impressive.
    • Once a vocal track sounds great, it's time to get it in to the computer.
    • The combination of irresistibly muscular riffage and spectacular vocal melodies sounds even better live than on record, especially given a sensationally tight and clear sound mix.
    • The guitar tone is spot on for Pat's sound and the vocal track moves with the guitar in synchronized harmony.
    • I Got Rhythm is a lively and entertaining production with an array of costume changes, live vocal performances and technically demanding dance.
    • With quite the most eccentric vocal performance of this, or indeed of any other Eurovision, this could either sweep the board or flop completely.
    • This was undoubtedly the best VIDEO of this year's entries, but it's not the best vocal performance.
    • It's her best vocal performance on the CD and the backing song does just that… backs her up.
    • Best known for his operas, vocal and incidental music, Hahn penned Le Rossignol éperdu as a cycle of 53 piano pieces.
    • Much of traditional Korean vocal and instrumental music employs a metrical rhythmic system based on a series of accompanying patterns known as jangdan.
    • They played different kinds of music, some vocal, others more instrumental, and all had their own loyal groups of followers and supporters.
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    a very vocal minority una minoría que se hace oír
    • You're correct that the populist view is not necessarily the right view, but those with centre-left leaning are more generally more vocal in their opinions.
    • Professor Fraser said that he believed that ‘Council and just perhaps the Vice Chancellor did not realise the depth of opinion and how vocal it could be’.
    • It's good to see the St. Vincent de Paul Society becoming more vocal and putting its opinions and vast experience on record in the media.
    • She is also very vocal with her opinions and this has sparked plenty of controversy.
    • While a vocal segment of public opinion expressed fear of becoming too closely aligned with the United States, the onset of the Cold War dictated otherwise.
    • The game was played in front of a very vocal Brazilian delegation cheering loudly for Argentina.
    • We should all take heart from the decision; it shows that a compelling case allied to a vocal campaign will eventually persuade road ministers to loosen the purse strings.
    • Indeed, in the stand, a number of the Carlow supporters were a little too vocal in condemning their county team.
    • When I was there years ago, I was very vocal and very opinionated.
    • Well, the United States government has been a very vocal critic of the human rights situation in the country, but it's not just the United States government.
    • But such vocal opposition had unexpected effects - Ulrich saw his band's credibility nosedive, at least among the Web cognoscenti.
    • She heads the country's Women's Federation as well as several charities and is a vocal human rights activist.
    • Sam Rainsy was the most visible and vocal Human Rights advocate in Cambodia.
    • But in more rural areas where there is a less diverse mix of people, those afraid of difference become vocal and treat fellow humans badly.
    • After reading it, I plan to become more vocal, rather than letting myself be persuaded or sucked in by the medical model of childbirth!
    • Chretien has been rather vocal and somewhat cautious in his own comments about it.
    • Our opinion leaders are often rather vocal, to put it mildly, and they disagree on almost everything.
    • Noise from bullhorns, speeches and very vocal protesters reached right into our classroom.
    • At the conclusion of his set, he gave a sincere thank-you to the audience and was met with a rather vocal call for an encore.