Traducción de vocalic en Español:


vocálico, adj.

Pronunciación /voʊˈkælɪk/ /vəˈkælɪk/ /və(ʊ)ˈkalɪk/

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    • In the first experiment, words were presented with pointing, that is, vowel diacritics carrying the full vocalic information in the word; and without pointing, i.e., with partial and ambiguous vowel marking by letters.
    • The Spanish vocalic system consists of five vowel sounds with well-defined parameters so that there is no overlap among them, allowing Spanish vowels to maintain their phonetic clarity whether used in isolation or in context.
    • One is the Semitic root-and-pattern structure, which combines root radicals (usually consonants, marked by Cs) with a mainly vocalic pattern to produce a word.
    • Eroticized ritual is expressed in Pound's unique vocalic patterns: in the third line above, for example, the final word ‘clóths’ echoes and encapsulates the heavily stressed o and i of the opening ‘Só thín.’
    • The repetition of the word century, instead of evoking diachrony, only further betrays the precarious instantaneity of the utterance, its vocalic ephemerality.