Traducción de vocational en Español:


Pronunciación /voʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /və(ʊ)ˈkeɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    vocational guidance orientación profesional
    • vocational training formación profesional
    • the course is directly vocational el curso prepara específicamente para la profesión (or el oficio etc.)
    • They also provide information on full and part-time vocational training and education courses.
    • The minister for skills and vocational education, is expected to announce the proposals to Parliament in March.
    • These factors, in turn, have a severe impact on the vocational education and training in South Africa.
    • The prime minister also said he wanted every child to stay in education or vocational training until they were at least 18.
    • We believe he should fully support a renewed focus on vocational education and training.
    • The country has a highly developed social security system and places a strong emphasis on education and vocational training.
    • And he warns that the expansion of higher education could damage vocational training.
    • They are involved in a range of activities, from community work to vocational training and education.
    • In Germany I saw an extremely well developed system of vocational education.
    • Some parents will want a school that specialises in vocational education.
    • We will shortly publish proposals to revitalise vocational education and adult learning.
    • And she believes the proposed expansion of vocational education is the most important element of the report.
    • I think we've neglected vocational education in the most tragic way.
    • He was a guiding mentor for generations of pupils who went through the vocational education system.
    • Boosting vocational education and revamping the role of local councils were other priorities, he said.
    • Any vocational education needs, in my view, to be based firmly on a broad liberal-arts foundation.
    • A key part of our campaign was to emphasise the promotion of vocational education.
    • In the country, educators are moving to integrate academic and vocational education.
    • Most students expect teaching to be essentially vocational training.
    • Business leaders gave a broad welcome to the proposals for putting vocational training on a more equal footing with academic subjects.