Traducción de voice-over en Español:


voz en off, n.

Pronunciación /ˈvɔɪs ˌoʊvər/ /ˈvɔɪsˌəʊvə/


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    voz en off femenino
    voz superpuesta femenino
    • The intrigue is accompanied by a voice-over commentary, just in case you don't understand, and haphazard flashbacks to remind you of her traumatic childhood.
    • There is no dialogue, but a pompous voice-over narration explains everything that is going on, just in case we are too dim to figure it out.
    • On the actual broadcast, voice-overs and promos pretty much ruined the piece.
    • His dry voice-over narration also adds considerably to the film, helping us to accept this flimsy story.
    • The voice-over narration and flashbacks provide an autobiographical as well as retrospective cast to the film.
    • There is no dialogue, only voice-overs by all the characters.
    • You can see trends in the voice-overs, musical accompaniment, and editing style.
    • There is no voice-over narration, dialogue being restricted to whatever the various people have to say in the course of their activities.
    • Some of the extracts we saw were enhanced by live actors doing voice-overs, others had piano or dubbed on music.
    • The film's strength is in its intricate intertwining of story and image, of dialogue, voice-over and music.
    • A voice-over narrator ‘explains’ things, whereas we want to see and experience them.
    • The voice-over commentary covers his thoughts, a technique that can be dangerously indulgent.
    • Making up for the minor problem with the music is the voice-over work, which is phenomenal.
    • The film has a voice-over narrator who carefully explains the film's meaning, thus sparing us the trouble of employing a single brain cell.
    • His was also the last voice that millions of people would have heard in the event of a nuclear attack because he did the voice-over for a film to be broadcast after the three minute warning.
    • Songs just seem to get started, and then the music fades to be replaced by a voice-over from one of the interviewees.
    • There are several sequences in the film that abandon voice-overs and linger on the natural beauty of the landscape.
    • I wrote all of the voice-overs for the documentary.
    • The story, narrated by a voice-over, involves a husband and wife, who, after the first flowering of love's uncertain bloom, decide they are worth more to each other dead than alive.