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volcánico, adj.

Pronunciación /vɑlˈkænɪk/ /vɒlˈkanɪk/

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    (rock/ash/activity) volcánico
    • In addition to scoria and ash, other volcanic ejecta include blocks, bombs, and xenoliths.
    • More than 80 Vesuvius eruptions were listed in a recent worldwide directory of volcanic activity.
    • Even scarier and more destructive than volcanic mudflows are pyroclastic flows or glowing avalanches.
    • At least three phases of volcanic activity are present within the Erenlerdag Volcanic Complex.
    • This confirms that the tension fractures were formed during the volcanic activity.
    • However, many of these basins experienced intense volcanic activity which may have caused local folding.
    • This caused thermal uplift of Scotland and the East Shetland platform and volcanic activity.
    • However, this folding mechanism is thought to be related to the nearest volcanic activity.
    • They suggest that the volcanic constructions on rifted margin segments develop through five main phases.
    • Old lava flows and beds of volcanic ash underlie the surface of much of this part of Colorado.
    • Volcanologists now monitor the frequency of volcanic activity in an effort to predict eruptions.
    • According to geologists, mountains are formed because of volcanic activity or the movement of the plates of the earth.
    • The seabed is a combination of volcanic ash, black sand and mud, strewn with the detritus of a million passing boats.
    • These became later covered in ash and dust from volcanic eruptions in the region.
    • We estimate the magma production, erosion and marine depositional rates of volcanic products.
    • At the base of the food chain are bacteria that dwell in the searing fluids belching from the volcanic vents.
    • A volcanic cone is composed of material ejected from the volcano.
    • The trees thrive in tropical conditions near the sea, and seem to prefer volcanic soils, as in the Moluccas and Grenada.
    • Such communities use the volcanic emissions as their sole source of energy.
    • Timau was an obvious choice in that the area has a temperate climate and fertile volcanic soils.
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    (rage/outburst) explosivo
    • As he gazes past you into the middle-distance, you sense that he could erupt in a volcanic temper.
    • Football's corporate wing is doing its best to raise the level of excitement about the competition to volcanic levels.