Traducción de volition en Español:


volición, n.

Pronunciación /voʊˈlɪʃ(ə)n/ /vəˈlɪʃ(ə)n/

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    volición femenino formal
    • The decision had been made utterly without conscious thought or volition on her part.
    • It is a failure of volition, but it's an overwhelming drive that absolutely crushes volition.
    • This self-imposed exile was a conscious act of volition.
    • Its members have no volition, no foresight, no memory, no altruism (nor selfishness, in the strict sense).
    • Such a course of action, he points out, requires a choice based on morality and a conscious act of volition on his part.
    • He knew that if he could just stand back a little he could apply his peculiarly deterministic volition to the problem.
    • It is as if the vortical interplay of thoughts, emotions, and volition is the very source of this sense of ‘self’.
    • That implies a good deal of volition, but I would argue that those who lose the most have had their capacity for clarity of decision making impaired.
    • Isn't it a system of different canals, bones and nerves that communicate with one another in a set pattern and without volition?
    • Yet volition is the one thing that a free individual cannot voluntarily relinquish.
    • If you cannot have it by its own total free will and volition, it will never be yours.
    • His mind, his understanding, his heart and affections, his will and volition are all corrupted.
    • Autonomy is a matter of volition, the ability to act according to our internalised values and desires.
    • Obviously, drinking and intoxication by alcohol complicated notions of individual autonomy and free volition.
    • The swallowing center is programmed to discharge by volition.
    • The entire dream was spent in a state of suspension, traveling, evading, waiting, and watching, without any real acts of volition being carried out.