Traducción de volunteer en Español:


de voluntarios, n.

Pronunciación /ˌvɑlənˈtɪr/ /ˌvɒlənˈtɪə/

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  • 1

    (organization) (before noun) de voluntarios
    voluntario masculino
    voluntaria femenino
    to call for volunteers pedir voluntarios
    • any volunteers to clear up the garden? ¿hay algún voluntario para arreglar el jardín? / ¿alguien se ofrece a arreglar el jardín?
    • volunteer army ejército de voluntarios
    • The organization relies on volunteers to not only work behind the scenes in the office, but to also pick up a hammer and lend a helping hand in the actual construction of the homes.
    • The organization relies on volunteers to pick up donations, unpack donations, pack hampers and work in the food bank on Wednesdays.
    • What started out as bar talk ended up becoming an organization with 4,000 volunteers.
    • The Bradford branch's five charity shops could not function without the volunteers who support the paid staff.
    • She says she works harder in retirement as a volunteer than in the paid workforce.
    • The group is comprised of both volunteers and paid staff.
    • Last year the eight paid staff and 18 volunteers handled more than 50,000 inquiries.
    • We are an organization of civilian volunteers and cannot get relief aid into any location until the local authorities say it is safe and provide us with security and access.
    • Started in 1997, the organization is staffed solely by volunteers.
    • Hospitals, places of worship, museums, community centers and other organizations often need volunteers.
    • So far the organization's 155 trained volunteers have saved 600 of the city's animals.
    • Maybe it should take a lesson from the clubs and groups on campus that don't need to collect all this money from students, operate with only volunteers and ask speakers to volunteer as well.
    • It provides training in childcare to volunteers who join the organisation and has opened up a new career for many lower-middle class youngsters.
    • But as with any organisation that relies on volunteers for the majority of its effort, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to actually get things done.
    • He insists they are not employees, but unpaid volunteers recruited by the Universal Music and Video Distribution Group.
    • The Scottish Ambulance Service will train unpaid volunteers in rural Scotland in emergency medical techniques.
    • Besides Hammond, there are three project assistants and many dedicated volunteers.
    • The club is run by volunteers who donate their time and their money to look out for these gentle animals.
    • When the High Street store first opened it was staffed entirely by volunteers.
    • Angel Community Radio is staffed entirely by volunteers, with 60 per cent aged over 60.

verbo transitivo

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    to volunteer one's services ofrecer sus (or mis etc.) servicios
    • he's not going to volunteer the information no nos dará la información (de) motu proprio
    • Harry's gone, she volunteered —Harry se ha ido —dijo sin que nadie se lo hubiera preguntado
    • Today, the committee has 30 drivers who volunteer their help for the meals-on-wheels service.
    • But other southern states volunteering help, like Arkansas and Alabama, are not much better-off than their neighbours.
    • Many thanks also to all who volunteered help during the year both in fundraising and other areas.
    • The trust is holding a meeting for supporters on April 28 to encourage them to volunteer their help to run the centre.
    • I appeal to residents on the approach roads into the town to volunteer their help at least one night a week.
    • Others blame the neighbors who failed to volunteer their help in raising and home-schooling five small children.
    • When I am back ‘up to speed’ I will certainly be the first to volunteer my help, to get this project off the ground.
    • A couple of times each year I volunteer my help on one of these trips, and always leave feeling like I have put one over on someone.
    • Some people have volunteered their help, starting by learning sign language.
    • There is a great sense of achievement to be had from being involved in the event and that is why so many people continue to volunteer their help.
    • Other messages were from good samaritans eager to volunteer aid.
    • She quickly snatched up her son and took him down to the bombproof shelter, then volunteered her services to help the wounded men, whose numbers were multiplying by the hour.
    • Many local opticians and dentists volunteered their services to help the children.
    • To earn a bronze star youngsters have to volunteer their services to help the community.
    • If you are a carpenter in the Sacred Heart Parish and can volunteer your time freely please call into the centre any Tuesday night from 7.30 pm- 9pm.
    • She thanked everyone for their help during the year, particularly the dedicated ladies who volunteer their services on a weekly basis and keep all systems running smoothly.
    • Also important is the provision of optical and dental care and many of the city's opticians and dentists volunteer their services free to help the children.
    • Everyone involved had volunteered their time and service and a big thank you goes to them and to everyone who donated and helped in every way to make this appeal such a success.
    • Work is being co-ordinated by a professional charity fund-raising manager, who has kindly volunteered his services.
    • Instead of going back to the hotel, I called the newsroom and volunteered my services.
    • You just can't imagine volunteering the information that would kill your friends.
    • Instead, I allowed the witnesses to volunteer any information, impressions or feelings they had about the event and kept my eyes open.
    • What about the problem of silence in order to allow the accused to volunteer information, which is a very common technique of interrogation?
    • In each of the sections space was incorporated to allow to participants to volunteer additional information.
    • It has been gratifying to observe staff volunteering information on incidents involving medical devices, rather than simply trying to hide the event.
    • Don't expect young people to volunteer such information.
    • They both have given plausible reasons as to why they did not volunteer that information to the police.
    • But nobody volunteers that kind of information to tourists.
    • Only British Telecom volunteered the information that in the past year, 61 out of 108,000 employees had been sacked for that type of misconduct.
    • Some even volunteered information about corruption, politics and inter-ministerial rivalries.
    • It was only after much persuasion after the conference that she volunteered some information.
    • His friends volunteered the information that he likes holidays and wants to be a rally driver.
    • Many made no attempt to hide their Jewish background, and some attended the island government offices to volunteer information on their grandparents' ethnicity.
    • He looked at her expectantly but she didn't volunteer any more information.
    • Today detectives were shifting through information volunteered from the public following a witness appeal.
    • I resist the temptation to ask who was on the phone, but she volunteers the information.
    • Bob felt odd volunteering information, but it was necessary.
    • Near the end of the session, Anna disturbed me by volunteering information about her new relationship with Martin.
    • Fortunately, the conversation moved on, and I avoided volunteering any information on the subject.
    • He pressed on, but his mother wasn't volunteering any information, that much was evident.

verbo intransitivo

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    to volunteer to + inf ofrecerse a + inf
    • You can also offer your support by volunteering on race day.
    • But these men and women freely volunteered to do what they did, and they were paid, and paid well, for it.
    • Three employees volunteered to stay behind, and they worked long hours.
    • They were employees who volunteered to work overnight and at weekends handling emergencies.
    • Alex, after he had found out that I had gotten no other offers, had volunteered to stay home with me and hang out.
    • In the past, volunteering at work meant offering to make tea or organize the Secret Santa round of mystery gifts at Christmas.
    • Then, in September 2000, a team of fed-up employees volunteered to find a fix.
    • Some employees volunteered to sleep on office and shop house floors in order to be available for work the next day.
    • Now he will take jobs only within a 50-mile radius of his Atlanta headquarters - unless employees volunteer to staff a more distant site.
    • Employees who volunteer for the vaccination must be authorized by their employers.
    • The store's employees volunteer to teach Hunter Safety Education classes and provide safety training.
    • Some employees have volunteered to help in areas across the airport - from office-based computer staff to the duty manager of a terminal.
    • They were both dismissed on 31st March 1997, having volunteered for redundancy following a re-organisation.
    • The father volunteered for redundancy and later he and his sons decided that the company should cease trading.
    • And truth be told, we got ourselves a three page single spaced list of folks volunteering for that job.
    • Last week I gave her credit for actually volunteering to take this job.
    • He said that he had volunteered to do these jobs as he wished to learn everything associated with films.
    • Other reasons an employee may volunteer to work may include the desire for overtime hours or wanting to be home during the days after the storm when schools are closed and cleanup begins.
    • The future of about 60 people who'd volunteered to take redundancy hung in the balance.
    • He volunteered to get information and turn it over.